Friday, December 31, 2010

Insanity Day 18 - Cardio Recovery

Thankfully, this workout is getting better.  I was able to hold most of the poses until about the last 6 seconds.  My quads were still on fire but not nearly as often to the point I had to rest.  I worked up a good sweat this morning.  I've been finding myself really trying to get the most out of each workout.  I'm sore in different areas everyday.  Only 2.5 weeks in and I can already see & feel a difference.  I think I might like Insanity more than P90X.  Ssshhh...don't tell Tony!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Insanity Day 17 & 21 - Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs

I was away from home all day yesterday, so it was my rest day (Day 21 on the calendar).

Pure Cardio is still as intense as ever, but I am able to make it all the way through the warm-up without extra breaks.  I'm still working up to the speed.  I go a little faster each time but would rather make it through without stopping first.  I'm also improving a lot through the main portion of the workout.  I can stay in it about half way through without taking a break.  My breaks are shorter & my breathing is more stable.  I've noticed my heart rate stays stable, also.  I don't peak as often and it stays at the top of my ideal burn range.  I'm loving the progress...strength and conditioning!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Truth About Your Weight Gain

This is a great article. Simple pieces of knowledge like this are powerful tools.

"EAT RIGHT RULE: If your food can go bad, it's good for you. If it can't go bad, it's bad for you."

The Truth About Your Weight Gain

Insanity Day 16 - Plyometric Cardio Circuit

This workout seems to get a little easier to get through each time.  Don't get me wrong it is as intense as ever.  By easier, I mean I don't have to take as many breaks.  I still can't make it all the way through all 3 sets of each circuit without extra breaks but my breaks are shorter.  My arms and quads tend to get fatigued at which point I can't continue.  I tend to miss out on most of the ab work.  Instead of pushing to the all the way through the 2nd & 3rd sets of each circuit, I might run through the beginning and join in on the ab work.  Each time I put this DVD in, however, my goal is to make it all the way through one set.  When I can do that, I try for making it through two sets, etc.  I can make it all the way through the warm-up without extra breaks, so I'm quite proud of that!

What small steps are you doing each day to achieve your goals?  Remember, you won't see results today or tomorrow or eve next month, but you will see them a few months or a year from now by doing these simple steps.  Don't do the steps and you won't see the results ever!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Insanity Day 6 & 15 - Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Today was supposed to be fit test #2.  However, since I did this already the first time I attempted this program, I felt my numbers wouldn't be much different and felt it was a better use of my time to make up the last workout I had missed.  That workout was from Day 6, Plyometric Cardio Circuit.  Guess what is on the agenda for tomorrow?  Yup, the same freakin' workout!  Oh, well, I feel much better knowing that miss isn't hanging over my head.  I can proceed with a clean slate and finish out week 3 stronger than before I got sick before Thanksgiving. 

Thirteen more days left in the first month before recovery week.  I can see my body changing shape, slowly but surely.  I feel stronger each day.  Each day a new set of muscles let me know how much they worked the day before.  All these a positive, tiny, simple steps to achieving my fitness goal. 

Simple, positive steps repeated daily will guarantee success!  Come grab some success with me in 2011!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Insanity Day 13 - Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs

Pure Cardio is always difficult but it does seem to get easier to get through each time I do it.  My cardiovascular strength is increasing each day, so I don't struggle through my breathing nearly as much.  I noticed today that my heart rate didn't shoot up and stay up for as long as it did just a few days ago.  My max HR was 177 today, compared to 183 the last time I did this workout.  I'm rather looking forward to seeing where I will be in another two weeks.

I must apologize for an earlier post in which I had said that "failure was not an option."  I'm reading this book "The Slight Edge" by Jeff Olson.  He makes it a point to inform us why some people succeed and others do not, despite having the exact same opportunities.  The simple fact of the matter is those who succeed have come to have a fond appreciation for patience.  They know that doing the simple things that will get them where they want to be will not do so today or tomorrow but will a year from now.  Many of us was instant gratification.  Upon not receiving the results we seek within a matter of days, we give up...we fail.  This is where successful people set themselves apart.  Instead of allowing this one simple failure to defeat them, the learn from it and keep on with those simple acts that will get them where they want to be.

So, make failure your option.  If you are beginning a weight loss journey, accept the fact that you will have days when you don't do the simple things you know you need proper & exercise.  However, do not throw in the towel when it happens.  Cease that negative action, learn what to do differently, and choose the option of doing the things you know you need to do to reach your goals.  

"Successful people fail their way to the top." ~ Jeff Olson

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Insanity Day 12 - Cardio Power & Resistance...Yes! Even on Christmas!

Well, I had intended to workout first thing this morning.  However, sleep persisted.  Considering my horrible habit of procrastinating, then having a horrible time getting the workout in, I wasn't hopeful.  Nevertheless, even I can surprise myself.

We ate breakfast, opened gifts, mixed cookie dough, and got the turkey in the oven.  I told my kids I was working out at 2pm so they would have to take a break from the Wii...and I did just that.  I didn't even think about it; I just got up and got it done.

It feels really good to not have to pep talk myself into my workout.  I am nearly two weeks in and have missed only one workout, which I still intend to makeup.

Merry Christmas everyone!  NO EXCUSES!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Insanity Day 11 & 14 - Cardio Recovery

Again, today, I had a difficult time in my wanting to do my workout.  I was very tired and lacked the motivation due to a very rough night of sleep...or should I say lack of.  I knew if I skipped it I would kick myself and regret it.  I also knew the workout wasn't that long and was a break from cardio.  I little pep-talking later, and I was pushing play!  Each day will get easier and more routine for working out.  Until then, I have to keep working through the struggles, whatever they may be.

This workout never ceases to make me scream out in quads are on fire!  All the same, I love it!  this workout is vital for building the strength needed for workouts like the Power & Resistance, which is up tomorrow.

I moved up my rest day and used it yesterday instead of Sunday.  Ahh, the crazy schedule of a single parent!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

New Year's Resolutions - Get the Picture!

In celebration of the coming New Year and the impending resolutions, let's put things into perspective for anyone looking for a lifestyle change by getting fit and/or losing weight.

The white-ish stuff is fat.  The pinkish stuff is muscle.  Both weigh five pounds.  Notice how much LESS space the muscle consumes as opposed to the fat!

(Liken this to the whole "This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs." lesson from a few years back.)


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Insanity Day 10 - Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Okay, today was rough!  I honestly doubted whether I was gonna get it done.  I've started a new thing of late.  Whenever I was to slack, or skip, on my workout, when I want to eat something "not so" nutritious, or when I want to spend money, I ask myself "is this going to help you achieve your goals?"  "Is this going to get you where you want to be?"  Doing this has helped me tremendously!  I've managed to curb my insatiable craving for french fries!  I've not eaten out when I really didn't feel like cooking.  Today, despite about dozen little pep-talks, I've overcame a bad case of "lead-ass" and got my workout done!

Granted, I don't feel like I did as good as I could have.  Honestly, though, I woke up (well not fully) this morning feeling sluggish and generally worn out, physically and mentally.  I have one more day of work before I am off for nearly a week.  It may be simply that I am yearning for the much-needed break.  Nevertheless, I must push on, no matter how I think I feel.  I am determined to regain my routine I once had and of which I was so proud. Before Thanksgiving, I was on a 3-week streak, then I had too much of a "free" evening and it all went down hill.  I refuse to fail; I may struggle, but I will NOT give up!


#060 - P90X Newsletter - The Skinny on Carbs! - Fitness, Nutrition, Diet, Weight Loss Official Web site

#060 - P90X Newsletter - The Skinny on Carbs! - Fitness, Nutrition, Diet, Weight Loss Official Web site

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Insanity Day 9 - Pure Cardio

Ugh! Twice in one day...the one workout Shaun T himself says he's worried about!  I did do better this evening than I did even this morning.  My breathing feels so much better now.  It is amazing how fast you can gain strength with these workouts.

Bring on the double tomorrow!!

Insanity Day 5 - Pure Cardio

Made up one of my missed workouts from last week this morning.  I rather surprised myself that I got up!  Now, I have great motivation to keep the rest of my day moving forward!

Have to admit, however, part of me is not looking forward to my regularly scheduled Pure Cardio this evening.  But, hey, LET'S GOOOOO!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Insanity Day 7 & 8 - Cardio Power & Resistance

Day 7 was rest.

Yep, still tough as hell!  I can't wait until my cardiovascular strength is back up.  I'm still fighting a little congestion and it messed with me a little tonight...choking a bit.  I pushed through, though, and still got in a 448 calorie burn with an average HR of 159.  

Pure Cardio tomorrow...mommy!

(I'm a bit behind on my blogging folks, bare with me.  I did miss two days last week.  Crazy busy time of year for an accountant! I fully intend to make those up, but back to back with the day's regularly scheduled workout...I'm thinking not! I'm shooting for two morning workouts this week.)

What is your definition of Optimum Fitness?

The following came from one of my upline coaches.  I thought it very motivational and inspiring, so I wanted to share it with you!  His name is Mike French.

"What is your definition of Optimum Fitness? When you think of being in the shape you always dreamed of, what does that mean to you? I am going to share what it means to me...

Optimum Fitness to me is a blend of many different disciplines:

1.)Muscle Mass ~ Muscle is impressive on a man and sexy on a woman. More is not better in my opinion for men or women. We have all seen the typical "Meathead" weightlifter at a local Gym. They walk around with "ILS" (Imaginary Lat Syndrome) it is a condition where in the effort to look bigger while strutting around the Gym an individual holds their arms away from their body like they are carrying a rolled up sleeping bag under each arm! It looks

Muscle is supposed to enhance your Fitness level and physique, not
dominate it to the point that how big you are is all that you care
about. I want to be very muscular, yet be able to continue to buy
jeans off the rack that fit my legs as well as my waistline. When a
man carries too much muscle it throws off his symmetry and the flow of his physique. Also, the added body weight of a ridiculous amount of muscle mass is hard on your heart and other systems. More weight, be it muscle or fat causes your body's systems to work harder. I won't even get into what I think of the women we see in magazines that have more testosterone in their body than your average man! Take my gorgeous wife, Tami for example. Tami carries a very impressive amount of muscle on her 5'3" frame. It is shapely, sexy, and absolutely adds to her Fitness level. She is very strong while remaining feminine. She has, in my opinion, the perfect amount of muscle for a woman.

2.)Low Body Fat Percentage ~ our bodies don't want to carry excess body fat. Again, extra weight is harder on our bodies systems. Our bodies want to be lean and fit. A low percentage of body fat is attractive to the eye and is a natural drug for the mind. You get a very special feeling of accomplishment from getting your body fat to a minimal level. It takes nutritional discipline and focus.
Let's face it; our midsections are the weathervane for fitness. A
lean waistline or Six Pack shows the world that you have discipline
and have worked very hard to achieve your conditioning. Like the
old saying, On the Beach it doesn't matter how big you are, the
person with the best abs steals the show EVERY TIME!"

3.)Cardiovascular Conditioning ~ cardiovascular conditioning makes
you healthier. It improves circulation and strengthens the heart,
lungs, and blood vessels. The heart is a muscle that needs regular
conditioning. A well- conditioned heart can pump a large amount of
blood with fewer beats than a weak heart. Exercise conditions your
heart to become more efficient as well as more resistant to stress,
heart attack, and other health problems. What could be more

4.)Total Body Flexibility - Flexibility is the ability to move
joints and muscles through their full range of motion. As you
become more flexible, you will find it easier to perform daily
tasks with less effort. You will be less prone to injury. You will
also have a better sense of balance and coordination. My favorite
method to achieve total body flexibility? YOGA!

5.)Disciplined Nutrition that can be adhered to for a Lifetime ~
This is THE biggest problem for 99% of people in their Quest for
Optimum Fitness. Effective nutrition is not rocket science where
you need to measure every macronutrient down to the gram on a
scale. It's not eating strange foods that can only be purchased at
a health Food Store. It's a matter of discipline, proper planning,
and intelligent choices.

You should be able to buy all of your weekly/daily food at your regular grocery store. There are exceptions, like Agave Nectar and Tami's beloved Almond butter! ;-) Your nutrition should be simple, easily prepared and above all else, NORMAL. Tami is the Gourmet Chef in our House and she has the uncanny ability to make ANY meal, no matter what it is, healthy and nutritious. Taco's, meatloaf, pizza, beef & gravy over rice, chicken scampi, stir fry, hamburgers and healthy French fries, ECT! You can do the same thing if you stick to the basics and make smart substitutions.

6.)Mental clarity in regards to your Fitness Goals ~ What do you
REALLY want? Are you prepared to do what it takes to achieve your
Fitness goals? Have you set attainable Fitness goals? When you set
small goals and then achieve those goals you gain mental and
physical momentum. It's like a small snowball at the top of a snowy
hill. As it rolls down the hill it gains speed, momentum and
strength. More victories equals more set goals and you come out on
the winning send of that equation! It's easy to be motivated for a
week or two. It's downright HARD to remain motivated and focused on your goals week in and week out. This is where my beautiful wife Tami is my hero and inspiration. She is the most disciplined,
focused individual I know. She knows EXACTLY what her Fitness goals are and EXACTLY what effort and discipline it will take to achieve those goals. Her weight doesn't bounce up and down. Her strength levels don't fluctuate. She is the model of consistency and focus. When she decides to have a splurge treat food, it's not an impulse, and it's a conscious decision. THAT is the source of her mental strength and willpower! Once you give into a craving you are mentally broken. However, when you make a planned, choice to have a treat, YOU retain the mental strength. We ALL can learn a lot from her example.

What is most important to me is to be able to run, jump, climb,
crawl, swim, bike, workout, chase my Wife, Wink and play with my
children with little effort because I have put in the time and the
work to get myself as close as possible to my Optimum Fitness level.

So where are you in your Quest for Optimum Fitness?

Live Strong ~ Live Lean


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Insanity Day 4 - Cardio Recovery

OMG!!! My quads were on FIRE!!  I was determined to do this entire workout without having to give my thighs a rest.  After having done the Power & Resistance workout yesterday, I realize better now that I really need to strengthen my quads for those power moves.  I didn't quite make it through every move without giving in.  I did have to rest a couple of times, but for the most part, I did better than the last 3 times I've done this workout!  Now, for Pure Cardio tomorrow!! (help me!)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Insanity Day 3 - Cardio Power & Resistance

The breathing was the most difficult, again.  I'm working on getting it under control again.  I know once I do I will get this workout done, in its entirety, without so much struggle.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Insanity Day 2 - Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Well, what does two weeks off of any workout get you?...weak muscles and poor breathing.  This certainly wasn't my best effort due mostly to difficulty breathing.  This is normal when I don't workout on a regular basis.  However, after having fought a cold for nearly a month, it wasn't horrible.  I did my best.  I was unable to do the last set of the circuit, but I did jog it out the whole time.  I was still able to get in a 500 calorie burn!  Props to picking myself back up.

Lesson Learned

I realized something over the Thanksgiving holiday.  My family didn't celebrate until the Saturday and Sunday after, so it was easy to stay on track the day of.  However, I did not do as well as I could have during the weekend after.  I overate and ate too much of the bad stuff!

While in the midst of the situation, I hesitated as I filled my plate but proceeded to make what I knew were bad decisions.  Later, I asked myself why I had done such a thing.  I was so excited to see my weight at the lowest it had been in over a year up until I ate with the family.  Afterward, I was extremely disappointed in myself.  I had gained back everything I had lost, about 7 pounds!  I have a 2-3 pound daily fluctuation, so my net gain was about 5 pounds.  Nevertheless, I was disappointed in myself and had to discover why I had done wrong when I knew better.

I came to the realization that I was more concerned about negative comments I would get from my family for "not enjoying" the holiday feast than I was about setting a healthy example.  I am now the thinnest, healthiest member of my family, immediate and extended.  Now, instead of hearing that I am "pleasantly plump," I hear how I am too thin.  They think I starve myself.  They don't see that I eat a healthy balance of protein, carbs, and fats and eat five times a day, as well as, working out 6 days a week and that is the reason I am thin.  I don't see myself as "thin" but as healthy and much leaner than I was even when I ran track and played basketball in high school.

You see I come from a very conservative, traditional mid-western/southern family.  Historically, not much thought goes into the preparation of our meals.  They are full of saturated fats, sugar, and highly processed.  Mashed potatoes are best when turned yellow from the unreasonable amount of butter added.  Chicken is best when fried in grease.  French fries aren't edible unless fried, as opposed to baked.  Butter must be added to all vegetables.  Most dishes are salted in addition to any salt added in packaging.  It isn't just my family who sees this type of nutrition as normal.  Our state meal is chicken-fried steak, mashed potatoes, and fried okra!  How can our state's population be expected to change our ways when our state government condones poor nutrition and puts it on a pedestal?

I realized, after much soul searching, that I had made poor decisions over Thanksgiving because I thought it would feel better to not make my family feel bad for what they were eating because I made healthier choices.  I now realize that it is better to set a healthier example for them.  If they feel bad for the choices they make, it is because they know they should make better choices, not because my choices had any part in how they feel.  I need to be consistent in my choices and continue to set a better example and a precedent.  One day, they, too, will make healthier decisions and break the cycle.  Even if that cycle isn't broken until my own children are adults and have families of their own.

My new goal for Christmas is to do just this.  I should, at the very least, maintain my weight through the holiday.

So, if you, too, made less than healthy decisions over Thanksgiving, join me in vowing to do better over Christmas and start the new year off on the right foot.  What do you say?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

You Will Be Alright

I'm feeling rather reflective and sentimental today. This song is for those who may be challenged in their motivation...for whatever reason.

Lifehouse - Storm (Live)

A Break from the Norm

A New fave song...Enjoy!

The Script - I'm Yours

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I realize I haven't posted much the last couple of weeks. I've been battling a cold since before Thanksgiving. I had a relapse after Thanksgiving but thought I was getting better until this last Sunday. I took a turn for the worse, again. This time, however, I have bodyaches and can't seem to get enough sleep (8 hours & I could do more). Yep, sounds a lot like the flu! I'm grateful I got my flu shot. I'd hate to think what I would feel like otherwise.

Please know I haven't given up. I try to get back to it each day. I have learned over time to give my body the time it needs to recover. Otherwise, I relapse & end up more sick than when it first hit. I continue to make sure my nutrition is in check at the very least. My sodium is way high on the days I feel nauseated thanks to crackers, but Shakeology helps offset the negative effects, fortunately.

I am struggling, but I know this is only temporary & will get past it. Bare with me & keep checking back. I still share useful info as I find it. Lots of new things to come from Beachbody in the coming year!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Insanity Day 19 - Flaming Quads

...I mean Cardio Recovery! I was able to hold the quad moves longer bit the burn still get me. Rest from cardio, yes. Rest from a seriously insane workout, not so much.

- Posted by Independent Beachbody Coach Heather

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Meals for 3 for 3 Weeks = $142

My monthly grocery, including toiletries, personal care items, etc, budget is $350.  I hear all the time how that is "unbelievable."  How can I possibly feed my family on that!

I used to spend upwards of $600-$700 per month on groceries.  To me, that is insane!  That is around $150 per week.  We were a family of 4 then, but don't eat any differently with one less mouth to feed.

How do I do it?  I make time to clip coupons and find sales.  I do small trips each week to stock up on items I can get for free or nearly, after coupons and sales.  I also buy fresh produce and dairy, like milk & eggs, weekly.  Bread? No, I buy that at a discount bread store, stock up, & freeze it.  I do this every couple of months and spend less then $20 when I do.  I buy brands like Sara Lee, Orowheat, and Nature's Own - all my faves.  I can't remember the last time I bought generic bread.  I can get name brand as cheap or cheaper.

I budget for my family to eat out once a week.  These days most families eat at home maybe that rarely and eat out the rest of the time, or they are buying pre-made meals, frozen pizzas, etc.  I love my kids and want the best for them.  Feeding them mostly processed foods or foods from fast food restaurants where I have no idea what is really in that food is not giving them the best, in my opinion.  Do I buy processed foods?  Yes, but not much.  I keep canned soups on hand and things my kids can easily make on their own or that I can make quickly.  These things, however, are still as healthy as possible for being processed.  For instance, I buy low sodium soups, whole grain crackers and bread, organic/low sodium broth, low sodium canned vegetables.

To "put my money where my mouth is," the following is an example.  My once a month large grocery shopping trip.  This month was a little lower because I did not need things like laundry detergent or toiletries (remember, I stock up in between).

I did this in Excel & it was pasting too large for this page.  The converter I used added the watermark.
While I did buy all the ingredients to make a 100% clean Thanksgiving dinner, I won't be making one.  I will be making several dishes to take to my family's when we celebrate this weekend.  So why did I buy a turkey?  I will skin it, break it down, roast it, and freeze it.  My kids will use it in their sandwiches for school lunches, and I will use the rest in meals in the coming months.

So, there you have it.  By the way, you can see that I saved 38%, or about $60. As a Beachbody Coach, I pay $97 per month for Shakeology (taxes included, free shipping).  With the money I saved on groceries on this one trip, I have paid for all but $37 of Shakeology.  Because we eat out only once a week, using coupons and promotions, we spend an average of $26 on that night.  This is a savings of anywhere from 10-50%.  This is how I easily afford to have Shakeology every month.  You can, too.  It is free to sign up, now through the end of December.  They have a 30 day guarantee.  If you aren't happy, you cancel and haven't spent a dime.  Why not sign up as a coach, order Shakeology on Home Direct (free shipping), and get started on that New Year's resolution now!  Shakeology will also save you from all that Thanksgiving "bad behavior!"

Make changes, not excuses!

NOTE: Some great ways to save money eating out are to sign up for email newsletters at your favorite restaurants, buy gift certificates from (they frequently have 80% off sales and the certificates are good for nearly a year), and buy the Entertainment coupon book.  Four Square also has deals for frequent check-ins and Mayors.

Insanity Day 18 - Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs

Check, check!

I still can only do about 30 seconds of each move, but I did get it done!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Insanity Day 16 & 17 - Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Day 16 I made my rest day instead of Day 22.  I will workout on Day 22.  I just didn't feel quite ready to get back at it, and I had been on the run for two days straight after having been down for the better part of four days.  I have a bad habit of pushing myself too hard, too fast after recovering from an illness, and I end up setting myself back even further.  I'm trying to avoid that this time.  It kills me to be set back a week as it is.  Nevertheless, I won't get the most out of my fitness if I am not in peak health.

That brings us to Day 17, officially, Plyometric Cardio Circuit.  I like this workout because by the end of the warm-up and stretch it is half over!  It was hard, I won't lie.  My lungs are still objecting but I made it through.  I did the warm-up without stopping and took breaks to get my heart rate back to a safe level.  I am more proud that I actually pushed play & stuck it out!

Nutrition was dead on, too.  However, it was too late to eat dinner, so I did skip.  I'm off to bed now!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Eat Clean for $2.53 per Person (per meal)

Shepherd's Pie: Mine vs. Their's

My kids loved tonight's dinner!  Good news is it made enough to feed us for three meals!

The total cost was about $15.  The bulk of that was the organic ground chicken I used that cost about $5 per pound (using 2 pounds).  Nevertheless, the final cost per serving was about $1.87.  My kids also had a large Pink Lady apple at about $.66 each, making the total for each of their dinners about $2.53.

I know, "you're thinking that isn't much for dinner!"  Well, let me break it down...after coring and cutting up the apple, it took up half of a dinner plate (normal size).  The serving of Shepherd's Pie is 1/8 of a 9x13 cake pan and is loaded with fresh veggies and unprocessed food.  The healthier the food, the more nutrient dense it is thereby providing more nourishment and making one feel more satisfied longer.  This meal did fill a normal size dinner plate.

Here is the nutritional breakdown for the recipe I modified from one I found in the November issue of Family Circle.

Mine Their's Total Reduction from Modification
Calories 283 423 (140)
Fat (g) 14 18 (4)
Saturated Fat (g) 3 6 (3)
Protein (g) 21 35 (14)
Carbs (g) 18 31 (13)
Fiber (g) 2.5 5 (3)
Sodium (mg) 244 915 (671)
Cholesterol (mg) 57 160 (103)

The bulk of the improvement came from not using the salt and butter called for in the original recipe.  These things are not necessary to make good tasting mashed potatoes.  The chicken broth enhances the chicken in the filling and you don't miss the butter and salt at all!

Thanks to the additional veggies (Green Giant Steamers) mine also made an additional 2 servings compared to the original recipe.  Also, the only thing that might not be considered "clean" in this recipe is the broth.  However, I did use organic free range reduced sodium chicken broth, so I'm stamping this meal  100% clean!  I'd say that is more "bang for your buck!"

You can find both recipes by clicking the links, "Mine" & "Their's" above.  Check out the "actual" pic on my recipe.  Looks yummy!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Insanity - has been paused

I've had to put a pause on my workouts this week. I've caught a cold that has decided to camp out in my lungs. Thank you co-workers for sharing your infectious germs!

The good news is I get to start back next week with a new heart rate monitor. Hopefully, it will track more consistently & give a more accurate calorie burn. I thought strapless would be better. While more comfortable, it is extremely inconvenient trying to get a reading while constantly moving. I went back to the strap for accuracy sake! (My original monitor has a strap but does not give an average heart rate or a calorie burn.)

See you Monday!!

- Posted by Independent Beachbody Coach Heather

Monday, November 15, 2010

10 Things About Me

I saw this sort of thing posted by a fellow blogger & lover of all things frugal! I liked the idea, so I'm borrowing it.

I'm sure you get a bit bored reading about my fitness journey, nutrition trials, and quest to squeeze more than $0.01 out of a penny. Ok, so maybe that's just me! Anyway, let's try this on.

Once a week, I will add one more item to this post & repost it. Ha, but wait! You thought you could just check back & read? No way!

At least once during the next 10 weeks, I want you to post a comment to this post. I want you to tell me 10 things you know about me that I did not already post. For those who know me, BE NICE & keep it PG!! For those who do not know me, post things you might have surmised (impressions) from what you have read. If you so choose, you may post one comment per week, too.


Are you sure you know what you're getting into???I'm not!!!


1) I am determined to make a positive impact on the world where obesity is concerned.
2) I am a survivor of cervical cancer.
3) I am an actress.
4) I speak my mind.  However, I do try to soften the blow.
5) Embarrassing: 2 years ago when I started my weight loss journey, I started with Slim in 6.  Part of the warm-up includes jumping jacks.  I worked out first thing in the morning.  Without fail, every morning, during jumping jacks, I would pass gas the entire time!  Not anymore, thank goodness!!
6) I really love to write!
7) John Grisham is my favorite author. The Script is my current fave band. Forest Green & dark Wine are my fave colors.
8) I would much rather watch a psychological thriller over a sappy "chick" flick any day! The Bourne Trilogy are my all time fave movies.
9) I became a mother at the age of 19.
10) I'm 33 years old but often guessed to be 25-26 (I don't bother to correct them).

Insanity Day 15 - Fit Test #2

"Fit test" gives the impression that somehow this day won't be quite as strenuous.  WRONG!!!  This thing kicked my ass, AGAIN!  I did improve!

  1. Switch Kicks                122
  2. Power Jacks                 59
  3. Power Knees                93
  4. Power Jumps                50
  5. Globe Jumps                10
  6. Suicide Jumps              15
  7. Push-up Jacks              30
  8. Low Plank Oblique        52
I'm officially two weeks into this program.  I have not missed one day yet, and I finally feel like I got my routine back.  I have not struggled nearly as much getting into this program as I did during my last round of P90X.  It wasn't because of the program but because of personal, unrelated struggles.  Those struggles did cause me to not get the results I wanted.  However, I did not and do not blame the program.  I know it was due to inconsistency in my routine and nutrition.  Nevertheless, I did not give up!  I worked hard to get things straightened out and to develop as much of a routine as possible.

So far, I feel I am on the right track to getting the results I want and need.  At any rate, I feel less exhausted on a daily basis and feel as though things are less stressful.  PERSEVERE!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Insanity Day 14 - Shaun T is Nervous!

Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs

Today was the first time I did Cardio Abs.  I made it through most of the exercises without stopping.  There were a few that burned too bad to continue, but that was definitely a good thing!  The beginning was cardio then it went into using your own muscle for strength through stability exercises.  I definitely liked it!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Insanity Day 12 & 13 - Cardio Power & Resistance

Day 12 was my rest day.  Fridays are usually pretty hectic & crazy, so I moved my rest day from Sunday to Friday.  Rest days make me nervous because I have a habit of not picking back up the next day.  I almost did it again.  However, I got up and got it done!

Day 13 was Cardio Power & Resistance again.  I don't feel like I got as good a workout in due to being so tired and worn out.  Not sleeping well for a week tends to do that.  I guess today is more about overcoming bad habits and pushing through than getting in a max calorie burn.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Insanity - Day 11 - Cardio Recovery

Recovery from cardio, yes...recovery from blazing thighs & hamstrings...NOT SO MUCH!!!

This workout reminds me of the P90X Yoga X.  No cardio, but your "still sweatin' like hell!"

Definitely regretting not doing Yoga X more in the last 90 days!

Now, time for my reward...Results & Recovery Drink!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Insanity - Day 10 - Plyometric Cardio Circuit

I had several interruptions tonight between kids and a heart rate monitor that didn't want to work right. I took a lot of breaks again but I felt I wouldn't have taken as many had I not had the interruptions! Nevertheless, it was worth it. My 11-year old son joined me for the hardest part. He came in right after the stretches and asked if he could do it, too. He stuck it out til the end and took my instruction on form and encouragement to keep going. I'm so proud of him.

Now, are you gonna let an 11-year old boy show you up? What are you waiting for??

- Posted by Independent Beachbody Coach Heather

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Insanity - Day 9 - "That Shit is BA-NANAS!"

...I mean Pure Cardio...

Shaun T was prayin...I was blessin profanities!  Lord have mercy!  That is one SERIOUS workout!!!  The fact that he is making the participants in the video take breaks should say something for how intense this "shit" truly is!

I did make it through the warm-up again with no breaks.  I tried to make it through the three or four moves after the stretches without a break but couldn't hang!  My heart-rate peaked at 181.  Each time I took a break it was at least over 170!  It may take six rounds of this program to make it all the way through without extra breaks!

Cost of Tonight's Dinner
We were on the run tonight and didn't make it home until 9:30 PM, so we ate on the run.  I had planned on Subway but Google maps SUCKS, so we made an executive decision and opted for Wendy's.  I thought this might have to be a "cheat" meal, but pulled out my handy-dandy iPhone app and scoured the menu.  I did let my kids daughter begging for bacon is not a pretty sight!

On the spur of the moment, without prior planning, with the use of my resources, I ended up dining on...

1 Jr. Hamburger....$.99
1 Caesar side salad...$.99 (no dressing, no croutons, & minus the stick gum, white strip looking stuff that I think was posing as cheese)
1 Medium Unsweetened Iced Tea...$1.29

Grand total $3.27 and only 291 calories!  Yay, me!

Now where did I put that banana...I mean Recovery Drink!

P.S. It occurred to me that the cost of my dinner tonight and the caloric value was roughly the same as my daily serving of Shakeology.  The greatest difference was the overall nutritional value!  My Shakeology today was made with unsweetened almond milk, 1 c. strawberries, & half of an extra small banana.  Let's compare...

Shakeology Wendy's
Calories 277 242
Protein 18 14
Fat 3 8
Sodium 245 505
Carbs 47 28
Sugar 28 6

Shakeology has far superior percentages of RDI in daily vitamins and macrobiotics, microbiotics, probiotics, all natural products, and no chemicals...and it promotes weight LOSS...all of which you WILL NOT find in that Wendy's meal!  All this is not reflected in the nutritional information to which most of us only pay attention, i.e. the information shown above.

Sure you add in the cost of the fruit and milk and the total cost is closer to about $4 for a Shakeology meal (with the 25% coach discount & free shipping), but, hey, I'd much rather have had Chocolate Covered Cherries Shakeology that fills me up over that dis-satisfying, chemical-laden burger and another salad (that was my 2nd today) any day!!  Nevertheless, I worked with what I had and made smart choices when I could have sabotaged the whole day!  Thank goodness, too, because I had a late workout tonight!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Insanity - Day 8 - Cardio Power & Resistance (w/Cost of Dinner)

Again, I made it through the warm-up without extra breaks.  Not true for the rest of the workout!  I did good through the first...and slowest...round of moves right after the stretch.  After that, I kept having to stop either to bring my heart-rate down or cool the burn in my thighs!

Nevertheless, I made it.  I like this workout.  It really hits all areas of the body and engages the core!  My abs are sore! Y-E-S!!

Tonight's dinner

3 oz. Chicken ($3/lb all natural family pack divided into 3 oz. servings = $.56 per serving)
3 oz. steamed baby carrots ($2.58 2# bag = $.08 per oz. = $.24)
1/2 c. All Natural Green Giant green beans, no added seasonings (bought on sale w/coupons, $.50 per can; 3 servings per can = $.17)
1/2 cucumber w/peel ($.62 per cucumber = $.31)

Grand total per person = $1.28

Oklahoma State University IS BETTER than University of Oklahoma

OSU No. 10 vs. OU No. 16...& Gundy on Coach of the Year Watchlist...just sayin!

Go Pokes!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Insanity - Day 6 - Plyometric Cardio Circuit

This was the second time this week for this exercise.  I did better during the warm-up by not taking any breaks until the end of the warm-up.  I started out better during the routine itself, but by half way through, I was back to having to take breaks more often.  My heart-rate would go back up too quickly.

This after fearing I wouldn't get a workout in today due to waking up with a migraine that wouldn't quit.  I had a headache yesterday and worked out in spite of it and it went away by the end of the workout.  Today, however, it was making me extremely nauseated.  Sadly, that means my nutrition wasn't what it should have been seeing as how I nibbled on crackers the majority of the day.

Nevertheless, I finished the entire workout and cleared a 591 calorie burn! Yay, me! ;o)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Insanity - Day 5 - Pure Cardio

You know it's gonna be a tough workout when Shaun T says, before the warm-up, that he is "concerned" about this workout!  Huh?!

I stopped so many times because my heart-rate was too high. This workout is 38 minutes, and I burned 541 calories!  Had I not had to stop so many times, I might have burned more.  I definitely have a challenge ahead of me in attempting to do these moves for the whole minute, instead of only 30 seconds!

I'm lovin' it!  These workouts go by so quick!

Eating Healthy on $5 a Day

I've blogged on the same thing.  Maybe, with enough people stating the same thing, it will get through.  I think the larger problem is the expenditure for a whole month at one time.  Most people shop weekly or bi-weekly so it seems like they don't spend as much.  Be honest with your selves people!

Barbie Decker is one of the more successful coaches in Team Beachbody.  Successful in the biz, yes, but also successful in her health and fitness.  She knows what she is talking about and puts it straight forward.

Check out her blog on why Shakeology is less expensive than eating out and at least as cost effective as eating at home but still healthier.  She has also given a sample meal plan for a day for those on a budget.  A meal plan like this  would cost a single person about $160 per month.  Add in Shakeology at about $126 per month (with free shipping) and the total cost is $286 per month.  Divide that by 30 days and you spend about $9.50 per day for 5 meals a day.  That's about $1.90 per meal!

I have a family of three to feed.  I am the only one who uses Shakeology, with the exception of one or two times per month when I give in and share with my begging kids.  I spend $150-$200 one time a month each month for groceries, toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc.  In addition, I spend about $25-$30 per week on fresh produce, eggs, and milk.  At most, in one month, I spend approximately $320 per month on groceries and all our household needs.  Add in Shakeology, which I have on autoship for free shipping and I get a 25% discount for being a Team Beachbody coach...

$320  Monthly grocery expense for a family of 3
  $97  Monthly Shakeology expense, after discounts/taxes
$417  Monthly grocery/Shakeology expense for a family of 3

We eat out on average one time per week.  That makes this monthly expense is for eating at home 26 days per month.

$417/26 = $16.04 per day  $16.04/3 people = $5.35/person

We all consume 4-5 meals per day.

$5.35/5 = $1.07 per meal, per person

Keep in mind this cost even includes the cost of toiletries and cleaning supplies, and......wait for it.....SHAKEOLOGY!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Insanity - Day 4 - Cardio Recovery

Today was a surprising but welcome change.  It was recovery from cardio but not recovery from a workout.  He worked my legs hardcore!  The workout was about 33 minutes and included several yoga moves.  I still burned over 300 calories!

If you are currently doing P90X, I strongly caution you AGAINST skipping Yoga X!  I now regret having missed so many myself!  The power, strength and flexibility you gain from yoga is so very necessary to increase your stamina and power during cardio.  If, during P90X, you feel you need more cardio on yoga day, by all means add some cardo, but DO NOT SKIP YOGA!

11-Year Old Boy Got Himself to the Gym!!

My 11-year old son took an overnight trip this week to a leadership conference for student council. He called me last night at 10:45 pm and told me he was going to get up at 5 or 6 in the morning to go to the gym. I couldn't help but chuckle. He retorts, defensively "Why is that funny?" To which I replied "I can't get you to workout with me at home any other time. I find it hard to believe you going to workout on your own accord."

I proceeded to tell him he need get up only at 6 am and should have plenty of time to do what he needed.

He called me just after 6:30 this morning, sounding wide awake, and told me he had worked out!  I am so proud of him, not only for practicing good health while away from home, but for being a leader among his peers.

This evening he tells me he didn't get to sleep until after midnight last night, so even more of a feat that he got up so early on his own!  He had karate class tonight but came home early because he was feeling sick to his stomach.  I'm always beat by Friday night, so I didn't feel up to making him homemade soup.  We stopped at the store for crackers (whole-grain), soup, and a movie.  He wanted tomato soup, so we got Progresso reduced-sodium tomato soup.  We got our movie and home we went.  This is what he chose for his dinner!
Lead by example...

Now, if my 11-year old can do this, what is stopping you?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Insanity Day 3 - Cardio Power & Resistance

Not any easier today!  At one point, I thought for sure I was going to hurl!  The last time I had eaten was 3 hours prior to working out!!

The "warm up" was just over 9 minutes.  I had to take extra breaks, again, and was soaked with sweat, again!  The stretches were just under 7 minutes...then began the beating for the next 18 minutes!  It consisted of 3 different groups of exercises, each group had 3 sets.

I have to say, as brutal as this was, I was taken by surprise when the cool down began.  I was like "wait! That's it! I'm done already?"  Boy was I happy to be done!  These workouts go by so fast!  Today was a little over 37 minutes and I burned 536 calories...this was an average burn for a P90X workout, which are an average of about 73 minutes...that's the same burn in half the time!  I'll take the beating for less time, please!!

Bring on Day 4!

P.S.  Shaun T - I think I love you!  Don't tell Tony!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Insanity Day 2 - Plyometric Cardio Circuit

M-E-R-C-Y!!!! Please! For the love of God!

They said it was "Insane!"  They said it was "no joke!"  They said it "hurt" but they liked it...WTH?!

They were NOT lying!  The warm up is 10 minutes long.  I thought when he started the second round of warm up moves that he was diving right into the workout.  I thought "Wait a minute! Didn't he say something about stretches?!"  "Faster, faster, faster," he said! What?! Why?!  Where'd the warm up go?  Then came the stretches...already completely soaked in sweat!

The workout is just under 43 minutes but went by incredibly fast.  I had to take more breaks than were allotted to get my heart rate back down.  I ended up burning about 646 calories during the workout.  That is more than I ever burned in any one P90X workout (of which the average length is 73 minutes).

I think I have a new addiction!

Insanity Day 1 - Fit Test

Yesterday, November 2, 2010, was Day 1 of Insanity. I had intended to begin on Monday, November 1st. However, I got my schedule confused and thought I didn't start until Tuesday.

At any rate, I thought I would just do the fit test and continue on to the first workout and be back on my intended schedule. hahahahahaha...yeah right! FIT TEST!!?? It should be called the TRUTH test to determine how fit you REALLY are! Of course, that it is exactly what is determine how fit you are and give you a starting point from which to work toward improvement.

I put the DVD in and as the music started to play and Shaun T began to talk, I nearly shut the thing off and ran to my bed to spend the night curled up in the fetal position! Fortunately, I sucked it up and watched on. Surely, if I made it through P90X, and look forward to challenges, then I will love this, right?

The fit test is about 25 minutes long, including a warm up. I burned about 251 calories.

My Fit Test Results

  1. Switch Kicks 66
  2. Power Jacks 54
  3. Power Knees 80
  4. Power Jumps 30
  5. Globe Jumps 9
  6. Suicide Jumps 11
  7. Push-up Jacks 19
  8. Low Plank Oblique 50
All in all, I was not upset with my results. I kept up with the Day 1 numbers of the guy in the video. Also, I had worked out only 2x in the last 3 weeks! I won't dwell on the coulda, shoulda, woulda of it all. This is a "pick myself up, dust myself off, and move forward" time. No time to worry about what has already passed and can no longer be changed. I can only learn from it, determine what I need to do different, and act on it.

Needless to say, I did NOT continue on to the workout but rather simply chose to begin the program on a Tuesday! I do believe I can realign to Mondays being the first day of my workout week by simply skipping the first rest day. We will see if that actually happens!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tony Horton Cried!

Watching Tony's reaction to this success story left me speechless. He is truly a compassionate human being and believes in paying it forward.

This man was both elderly and overweight. If he can turn back the clock and get healthier, YOU certainly have ZERO excuses!

6 Tricks to Making Halloween a Healthy Treat

Team Beachbody Newsletter #193

By Omar Shamout
Ghouls and goblins and ghosts, oh my! That's right, folks—Halloween is just around the corner, and if you're not careful, you might have to add another "G" to that list: gastric bypass. Okay, maybe that's a little extreme, but we all know how tempting it is for you adults to gobble down those sweets before, during, and after All Hallows' Eve—and that's nothing compared to the blitzkrieg of sugar your kids have in store for them. So take a minute to rethink some of your holiday traditions, learn some interesting ways to avoid the "scary" dietary pitfalls October brings, and rediscover what the spirit of Halloween is really all about! Trust me, the parents of the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood will thank you too! (Sugar tantrums are terrifying.)
Carved Pumpkins
  1. Candy is candy, no matter how you sweeten it. Whether it's dolled up with HFCS or agave syrup, candy will still rot your children's teeth, mess with their blood sugar, and add to their waistlines. "Sweet" doesn't have to come from a factory, though. There are many tasty, less processed, more wholesome foods that will satisfy that sweet tooth just fine. Fruit can be made into a variety of delicious treats, and is loaded with vitamin C to help your immune system and fiber to aid your digestion, as well as a host of other nutritious vitamins and minerals. Many dried fruits, like raisins, come in small packets ideal for tossing into trick-or-treaters' bags. If you're willing to put in the effort, fresh fruit can be carved into many fun, devilish designs that will add more to the Halloween mood than the calorie count. Although safety dictates that not many trick-or-treaters accept fruit, particularly cut-up fruit, your ghoulish creations should be a hit at any Halloween party—even the grown-up ones. Think of all the possibilities with just these simple ideas: an orange as a mini-pumpkin, grapes as eyeballs, a melon as a brain, and either carrot sticks or string cheese as fingers. Okay, so string cheese isn't exactly a fruit, but you get the idea. Be creative!
  2. WalnutsGo nuts! If you don't have the time to indulge your inner artiste in the kitchen and create some spooky snacks, then consider handing out individually wrapped packs of almonds, pretzels, or trail mix to the kiddies. Pretzels are pretty low in calories, and almonds are chock-full of healthy fats and protein. Trail mix can be high in sodium, so keep an eye on the nutrition label, but all of these options are much healthier than candy.
  3. Don't be scared of the dark. If you or your kids just can't live without a chocolate fix, opt for dark chocolate over milk chocolate, because it's far less sweet, has fewer calories, and contains more iron and antioxidants. And without milk as an ingredient, you'll be consuming less saturated fat. Dark-chocolate-covered almonds are a personal fave!
  4. Become the Crypt Keeper. There was no better master of ceremonies than everyone's favorite cheeky little skeleton, so why not follow his lead, and host your own party or event for your friends or your kids' friends? That way, you'll know exactly what's going into their hungry mouths. Get those crafty-yet-healthy snacks ready, and continue the creativity by having a costume making-party, scavenger hunt, ghost story session, or scary movie night. Just pop in The Adventures of Pluto Nash or Stop or My Mom Will Shoot! and the young'uns will be terrified! No? Well, I suppose you know your kids better than I do, but I left the theater shaking . . . Getting back to the matter at hand, shouldn't Halloween be more of an activity (with an emphasis on active) than just an excuse to eat as much candy as possible? Besides, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and even Festivus will be here before you know it, all of which will provide plenty of time to celebrate the wonders of food. Keeping your kids occupied with fun things to do during Halloween is something they'll enjoy far more than a candy bar, one they'll be sure to look back on with a smile rather than the memory of an upset stomach.
  5. Take a hike! No, really. If your kids are restless and insist on hitting the pavement to beg for candy, why not find a nice big hill for this year's trick-or-treating trip? This will really separate the truly dedicated costumed adventurers from the mildly amused. If your group manages to make it all the way up the hill, then at least they've gotten in some exercise to balance out the chocolate overflowing from their bags. On the other hand, if they poop out halfway up, all the better for you—and their blood sugar! Plus, when they pass out early from exhaustion, you can toss out all the really bad stuff they acquired without them ever knowing!
  6. Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF BoxCoins over candy. It's never a bad time to teach your children about compassion, so try cutting candy out of the equation altogether by convincing them to trick-or-treat for UNICEF. In addition to being able to get coin boxes from UNICEF through the mail, you can also pick them up at any Toys "R" Us® or Babies "R" Us® store. (Go to for more information.) By participating, your kids can collect money to help children around the world receive clean water, healthy food, and life-saving immunizations. What better reason could there be to put on a costume?
The bottom line is, the last thing we need in life is another holiday dedicated to unhealthy food. (Plus, with the amount of artificial ingredients, chemicals, and highly processed sweeteners in candy these days, most of it can barely even be classified as food.) The fun of Halloween has always been in the mood, the atmosphere, the thrill of the scare, and the excitement of planning and dressing up in a costume, so focus your attention on those things, and you're bound to create a memorable experience for everyone. And remember, keep it active!
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Questions about your workout program, diet, the latest newsletter, or anything wellness related? Chat with the overseer of Beachbody's fitness and diet development, who also serves as your Fitness Advisor on the Message Boards, Steve Edwards, on Monday, November 1st, at 3:00 PM ET, 12:00 PM PT. Go to the Team Beachbody Chat Room.
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Friday, October 29, 2010

Want to Buy P90X, Insanity, TurboFire, or Shakeology for 25% off?

Or are you already using one of these programs and supplements from Beachbody, like the P90X Peak Performance Protein Bars, P90X Recovery Formula, or others?

How does a 25% discount on all those products sound? Pretty freakin awesome, right? Yup, that got me, too. How about getting that discount AND not having to put up any financial commitment upfront? Right now, for a limited time, NEW Team Beachbody coaches sign up for FREE, get a 25% discount on all products, and earn 25% of anything purchased through their personalized sites. Holy crap! What?! Dude, this is INSANE! Why not do this now? (Kinda makes me wish I had waited...but you can get this!)

I love Beachbody...all their fitness programs and supplements! I had been using them for the last three years and bragging about their effects. About two months ago or so, I met another fan of P90X & Beachbody on Facebook. She is from Oklahoma, too! She had awesome results & she was a Team Beachbody Coach.

I use every time I workout, and when I'm contemplating another program, and I had seen on several profiles the tag "coach" next to their names. I had no idea how so many people had become coaches or what was involved. My new friend told me about it and how it works. Of course, she was like "you talk about Beachbody products so much, you may as well earn a little money off those referrals and be a coach, too, and by the way, you get a 25% discount on everything." Uh, excuse me? Did you! 25%?!...mmm...

Well, she was right. I signed up as a coach with Team Beachbody. I signed up to get that phenomenal discount. Having others believe what I say about how effective the products are, being inspired by and motivated by me, and allowing me to be motivated by them, and ultimately having them sign me as their coach, and thus, earning 25% of what they purchase is a very fortunate side-effect of my passion for health and fitness supported by an A+ company.

Got you thinking? I hope so. Being a coach does not necessarily mean you HAVE to DO anything than use the programs & products. To me, being a coach means...doing what I was already doing by inspiring others to lead healthier lives, helping others through the struggles of the challenge of changing a lifestyle, using products I know to be true, effective, safe, and healthy...all this I was doing PRIOR to signing up as a coach...being a coach affords me the added benefit of being supported by an extremely successful team of like-minded people who want to put an end to the obesity epidemic in our country...BEACHBODY. I have found the resources to be endless.

I have done other "home direct sales" businesses in the past. While I believed, and still do, in those products, too, the one vital piece that was missing was a strong support team, dedicated to your individual success, no matter to what level you choose to climb. Team Beachbody does this!

I still do everything I did before becoming a coach. I try to commit a couple of hours per week to further build my business. Aside from that, I don't have to carve out a HUGE amount of time for this. Like I said, I was already doing these things, only now, I earn money, too.

I'm not out to "make money" off people. I support anyone seeking to get healthy. So, whether you are convinced to be a coach, sign me as your coach, or just need a little extra support, I WANT to help! Helping others, helps me.

Oh, yeah, did I mention you can sign up to be a coach for FREE right now? This is for a limited time but is a better deal than I got! Beachbody has waived the usual $39.95 sign up fee! There is a $14.95 monthly coach online maintenance fee, but that is absolutely it. That covers the cost of the online office and personalized two websites. You can get all the details by clicking on "Coach" here. You can also sign up to be a coach while you are there.

If you just want me to be your Team Beachbody coach, you do so by clicking on "Join" here. You can join for FREE or pay only $2.99 per month and get a 10% discount on all products and access to tons of valuable tools to help you along your journey.

You can find all the jewels to Shakeology, too.

Speaking of Shakeology, I know you are interested but probably deterred by the cost. I'm an accountant & easily see the cost compared to the value of products. I'll try to explain it.

Shakeology = $119.95 per month
divided by 30 days
= $4 per day...that is per meal! What did you spend eating out today & how healthy was it? Did it promote your health & fitness goals?

As a coach...
Shakeology = $119.95 less 25% = $89.96 per month
divided by 30 days
= $3 per day...add this to the $14.95 monthly maintenance fee
Shakeology for coaches = $3.50 per day

All this calculation assumes Shakeology ordered on Home Direct (HD) for the FREE shipping...a $10 value...that would be another $10 saved per month.

Coaches save on Shakeology

$29.99 from 25% discount
$10.00 from FREE shipping
($14.95) paid monthly
$25.04 monthly savings for the healthiest meal of the day & support of a healthy lifestyle oriented's a no-brainer really!

P90X Round 2 Complete, Moving on to Round 1 of Insanity

Wow!  The life of a single mother certainly is never dull!  I struggled sooo much during the last two phases of P90X.  I changed my workout schedule from mornings to evenings in an attempt to do more.  Sadly, I ended up missing workouts.  Obviously, this was not going to work, so I changed my schedule back to morning workouts for the third phase.  I was doing better but still missing 1-2 workouts per week & struggling to stay on track with my nutrition.  I was doing better by the second week of Phase 3 (my fave), then my daughter started having health problems.  This landed us in the hospital each week of my final two weeks of the program.

I did let my nutrition go the first week.  At the end of that week, I came to the realization that I had made a terrible mistake.  During a time when it was most crucial for me to keep up my strength and health, I was letting it go again.  The second time she was hospitalized I did have one bad day in particular.  I fought to get my nutrition right, slipping a couple of more times.  By the time she had been sent home, I was doing much better (as was she).  

I decided to spend this last week of October getting my nutrition back on track.  I will be doing a Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse over the weekend in preparation for my new fitness program, Insanity!  I'm excited and scared at the same time!  I have a renewed focus and determination and fully intend to take on this next challenge with every fiber of my being!

Did I get results from P90X?  Yes!  Am I ripped?  No!  Does this mean P90X does not work?  Absolutely not!  I know I did not follow the program the way I needed to.  I own my responsibility for not getting extreme results.  However, I did get results and I am happy with the results I got.  I wanted more, but I know I got out of it what I put into it.

It is strange how sometimes the most stressful times of our lives provide us with the most clarity.  In addition to getting my nutrition back on track, I am trying some new things with my daughter's nutrition.  She has been having stomach problems for the last two years.  I read something that speculated that corn syrup was causing the same in children.  I told her I wanted to try to eliminate that from her diet as much as possible to see if it would help.  Of course, eliminating that from my diet isn't a bad thing either!  Also, it has been proven that those who exercise are better able to manage stress.  I have loads of stress.  I NEED my fitness and nutrition to be on point so I don't lose my mind and drive everyone around me crazy, too!

I know now more than ever how important it is for me to be an example to my children.  I have to lead by example.  While I will continue to have obstacles, challenges, and forever be short on time, I have to be strong and committed.  If I am to give up and quit when things get tough, I am only teaching my children it is okay to give up, too.  I CANNOT and WILL NOT do that to them!

The next 3 days - Shakeology cleanse.

The following 60 days - Insanity!!!