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Glycemic Highs and Lows: Which Fruits are Best for You?

By Susan McQuillan
Reviewed by QualityHealth's Medical Advisory Board

A high-GI food raises blood sugar higher and more quickly than a low-GI food.  The higher the spikes in blood sugar, the more insulin is produced. Over time, excess insulin production can lead to inflammation, weight gain, and a condition known as insulin resistance, which can progress to type II diabetes.  However, the GI value of a food changes when it is eaten with other foods, and high GI foods normally have a lower value when eaten as part of a meal or snack that includes several different types of food.

From highest to lowest, here are GI values for 20 common fruits and fruit juices. Keep in mind that since there are often many varieties of a particular fruit, and fruit can take different forms-fresh, frozen, canned, dried, and juiced-each type will have a different GI value. For instance, GI values for bananas range from 30 to 62 and the GI for orange juice from 46 to 57, depending on the varieties of oranges used and whether the juice is fresh or reconstituted. All fruit is good for you, especially fresh, whole fruit, and it is wise to eat a wide variety. But since fruit is often eaten on its own, the range of values within this one food group may be significant if you are concerned about sugar in your diet.

Fruit Glycemic Index Fruit Glycemic Index
Watermelon 72 Banana 49
Cantaloupe 70 Orange 48
Cranberry Juice
68 Orange Juice 46
Pineapple  66 Strawberries 40
Raisins 64 Apple Juice 37
Mango 60 Apple 36
Kiwi 58 Pear 36
Peach 56 Apricot, raw  34
Raisins 54 Apricots, dried 32
Blueberries 53 Grapefruit  25

University of Wisconsin Extension: Glycemic Index

Harvard School of Public Health: The Nutrition Source: Carbohydrates
Jerry Sobieraj, MD, Boston Medical Center

Glycemic Index Foundation (searchable database)
Updated: March 17, 2010
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21 Ways to Make Your Diet 100% Easier

21 Ways to Make Your Diet 100% Easier

Excellent advice here! Click above and sail that new way of eating (diet is too labor intensive to think about).

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shakeology - The Straight Truth

I wanted to break down why Shakeology is so much better than other "healthy" meal options on the market today.  First, I want to entice you with a bit of mouth watering.  The Carl Daikeler Special is a chocolate Shakeology recipe.  It simply adds a banana and natural peanut butter to the chocolate Shakeology.  I did modify it a bit because the recipe calls for 1.5 scoops.  I have only the individual packets, so I used only one packet, which is equivalent to one scoop.  Oh my goodness!  If you are a choco-holic, definitely get the bags instead of packets so you can have the full effect.  Nevertheless, with one packet, this was so unbelievably amazing!!

After the 3-day cleanse, my first exposure to Shakeology, I honestly was not impressed with the flavor.  While not completely unbearable, it certainly was not as good as I had been hearing.  BUT....now, I get it!  I wanted to turn my glass inside out and lick it clean....somewhat likening to the Dannon Light & Fit yogurt commercial...difference is...SHAKEOLOGY blows Dannon out of the water.  Shakeology is now my carrot!  I love, love, love the After Workout Results & Recovery formula, and won't allow myself to have it unless I workout.  Now, with Shakeology, one meal EVERY single day will be Shakeology & will so turn down any other unhealthy, toxin injected, fat filled, fast food craving I might have for my Shakeology.  The Daikeler special alone turned me on.  It was thick, creamy, smooth, cold, decadent...if it weren't so cold, I would have drank it in one breath, then cried from the brain freeze!

You HAVE to try this!
Please excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin....ok, I'm back.

If you are yet to be convinced, read on.  

Cost Effective
Shakeology is about $4 per serving, which is per meal.  I know when I eat out and choose the healthiest possible options I average about $8 for that one meal.  Yes, it is possible to eat out much cheaper, but what are you eating?  The dollar menu...cheeseburgers, tacos, burritos, french fries, ice cream, etc.

Add to the cost of the healthiest possible dining out option the cost of vitamins and supplements to fuel your body so it works efficiently, you are well beyond $10 per day.  For the skeptics, allow me to break it down and illustrate it further.

Vitamins and Supplements, this is what it looks like.  All these are found in Shakeology.  I don't know about you, but that would fill up one of my cabinets.  Also, I HATE swallowing pills.  If anyone has ever tried to keep up with their daily vitamin needs with pills, you know how freakin huge those pills are...save em for the horses, thank you!

Now, what does all this cost?  Drumroll please...

Yes, that says a total of $483.12 or $16.10 per day.  Compare this to the Shakeology cost of $4 per day.  This means Shakeology is one-third the cost of what you would spend to get the same vitamins, minerals, nutrients, flavors, etc, individually.  Not to mention, the time savings.  I'm guessing it would take me a good 10-15 minutes daily to swallow all that!  Shakeology takes less than 5 minutes to blend.

How did I convince myself? I add up the cost of all the ingredients I was using to make a smoothie or shake every day.  The cost was about the same as Shakeology, with one MAJOR difference....seriously lacking in comparison in the nutritional value.  What I mean is my shake or smoothie did not & could not, for the same cost, be made up of the same vitamins and minerals that are so vital to your body's health as Shakeology.  Shakeology is also found in the first tier of Michi's ladder, which is comprised of the cleanest, most nutrient dense foods in the first two tiers.  It has also been approved low glycemic, which aids in weight loss and makes it safe for diabetics.  The one negative, depending on one's point of view, is that it is not entirely Vegan.  I does have whey protein, a bi-product of eggs.

I can even tell you how to make this 25% cheaper!  Ask me how.

Healthiest Meal Option
I realize some people still need convincing at this point.  Here are some more illustrations to wipe the glass clean.

Nail in the Coffin
This video will explain, in detail, the nutrients found in Shakeology and the great lengths to which Beachbody went to bring us this weapon in the fight against obesity.

Now, Shakeology alone will not help you lose much weight.  With ANY healthy nutrition plan, you NEED a regular fitness routine.  I am a strong proponent of all the Beachbody fitness programsBeachbody covered this with Shakeology, too.  With your first order of Shakeology, you ALSO get a fitness program!  They have left you with ZERO excuses!

Be one of these success stories!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse Results

This was the first I had even tried Shakeology.  I am rather pleased with the results all the way around.  I love how I feel today.  My energy level has increased greatly & even when I was tired, I was able to focus better.

Total weight loss: -5lbs.
Total inches lost: -1.5in.

This is what it looks like...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Visuals for My Goals

This is how I know I can get the body I want!  If she and thousands others can do this, so can I!

This is fitness celebrity Jennifer Nicole Lee.  Check her out at www.jennifernicolelee.com.

Exercise: 7 benefits of regular physical activity

You know exercise is good for you — but do you know how good? From boosting your mood to improving your sex life, find out how exercise can improve your life.

By Mayo Clinic staff Want to feel better, have more energy and perhaps even live longer? Look no further than old-fashioned exercise.
The merits of regular physical activity — from preventing chronic health conditions to promoting weight loss and better sleep — are hard to ignore. And the benefits are yours for the taking, regardless of age, sex or physical ability. Need more convincing? Check out seven specific ways exercise can improve your life.

1. Exercise improves your mood.

Need to blow off some steam after a stressful day? A workout at the gym or a brisk 30-minute walk can help you calm down.
Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier and more relaxed than you were before you worked out. You'll also look better and feel better when you exercise regularly, which can boost your confidence and improve your self-esteem. Regular physical activity can even help prevent depression.

2. Exercise combats chronic diseases.

Worried about heart disease? Hoping to prevent osteoporosis? Physical activity might be the ticket.
Regular physical activity can help you prevent — or manage — high blood pressure. Your cholesterol will benefit, too. Regular physical activity boosts high-density lipoprotein (HDL), or "good," cholesterol while decreasing triglycerides. This one-two punch keeps your blood flowing smoothly by lowering the buildup of plaques in your arteries.
And there's more. Regular physical activity can help you prevent type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and certain types of cancer.

3. Exercise helps you manage your weight.

Want to drop those excess pounds? Trade some couch time for walking or other physical activities.
This one's a no-brainer. When you engage in physical activity, you burn calories. The more intense the activity, the more calories you burn — and the easier it is to keep your weight under control. You don't even need to set aside major chunks of time for working out. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk during your lunch break. Do jumping jacks during commercials. Better yet, turn off the TV and take a brisk walk. Dedicated workouts are great, but physical activity you accumulate throughout the day helps you burn calories, too.

4. Exercise boosts your energy level.

Winded by grocery shopping or household chores? Don't throw in the towel. Regular physical activity can leave you breathing easier.
Physical activity delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues. In fact, regular physical activity helps your entire cardiovascular system — the circulation of blood through your heart and blood vessels — work more efficiently. Big deal? You bet! When your heart and lungs work more efficiently, you'll have more energy to do the things you enjoy.

5. Exercise promotes better sleep.

Struggling to fall asleep? Or stay asleep? It might help to boost your physical activity during the day.
A good night's sleep can improve your concentration, productivity and mood. And you guessed it — physical activity is sometimes the key to better sleep. Regular physical activity can help you fall asleep faster and deepen your sleep. There's a caveat, however. If you exercise too close to bedtime, you may be too energized to fall asleep. If you're having trouble sleeping, you might want to exercise earlier in the day.

6. Exercise can put the spark back into your sex life.

Are you too tired to have sex? Or feeling too out of shape to enjoy physical intimacy? Physical activity to the rescue.
Regular physical activity can leave you feeling energized and looking better, which may have a positive effect on your sex life. But there's more to it than that. Regular physical activity can lead to enhanced arousal for women, and men who exercise regularly are less likely to have problems with erectile dysfunction than are men who don't exercise — especially as they get older.

7. Exercise can be — gasp — fun!

Wondering what to do on a Saturday afternoon? Looking for an activity that suits the entire family? Get physical!
Physical activity doesn't have to be drudgery. Take a ballroom dancing class. Check out a local climbing wall or hiking trail. Push your kids on the swings or climb with them on the jungle gym. Plan a neighborhood kickball or touch football game. Find a physical activity you enjoy, and go for it. If you get bored, try something new. If you're moving, it counts!

Are you convinced? Good. Start reaping the benefits of regular physical activity today!

Managing Stress

I'll post up everything I find on managing stress.  For women, especially, it is key to health & fitness, and above all, weight loss!

Women's Health has fantastic articles, workouts, recipes, etc.  It is FREE to subscribe, if you haven't already!!

**click on the blog title to go to the article**

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Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse

I will be doing this with three friends this month. I'm so excited about having one meal everyday guaranteed to be healthy & tasty!

Relationships & Lifestyles

A friend sent me this in an email today.  I have no clue whether it be a legitimate article, but I am certain such situations exist.  I have been victim to the same.  There are similar struggles in relationships between married couples, with or without children, and single parents.

Stresses such as these can hinder ones journey toward improved health.  Being fit, maintaining a daily exercise routine, and eating healthy all help us to better manage stress...those little "curve balls" life likes to throw at us.  "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."  I take this literally.  Being stronger physically helps me be stronger mentally.

My personal take on the following article is simply to be careful about the judgments you make on others, especially those you call "friend."  The strongest of relationships can be easily severed with the "judgment" sword.

Still Thinking About Trying P90X, Insanity, or TurboFire?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dump the Gym & Stay Home

One of my next Beachbody workouts will be P90X One on One. This workout comes as one DVD per month at about $23 (s&h included). Until August 31st, they are also giving a FREE P90X dog tag! Reason #2 to get this....subscribe to all 12 One on One DVDs, get 50% off the next P90X = P90X:MC2!


Before my Beachbody coach discount, this deal saves me $15/month over my gym membership (which I canceled today).  After my coach's discount, $20/month savings!  My 25% discount gives me 15 months worth of workouts for about $18/month.  The more I use them beyond those 15 months, the cheaper it gets!


If you're not interested in being a coach, this is still a heck of a deal!  If you want to know how to save 25% on all your Beachbody fitness programs, supplements, and equipment, go here and contact me directly.

Don't forget the best part of your daily fitness routine, Shakeology!

The Best Anti-Aging Foods

The Best Anti-Aging Foods

Monday, August 16, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Heavens Rain

This is a little promo for a film in which I was an extra. It is starring Mike Vogel of television series "Miami Medical." It is based on events in the life of former Oklahoma Senator, Brooks Douglas, also seen in the film portraying his father. Senator Douglas introduced the "Victims Rights Act" which serves to protect victims of crimes. Please watch this film when it is released later this year.

Heavens Rain

Beat Desk Job Drain

Beat Desk Job Drain

#041 - P90X Newsletter - The Brain-Body Connection - Fitness, Nutrition, Diet, Weight Loss Official Web site

#041 - P90X Newsletter - The Brain-Body Connection - Fitness, Nutrition, Diet, Weight Loss Official Web site

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

P90X, Insanity, Brazil Butt Lift, & Turbo Fire in the News

It isn't just a fad, people! Believe!!

Top 5 Exercise Excuses

Exercise Excuse # 1: I’m too tired.
It takes energy to produce energy, so while you may be tired now, even a short 10-minute walk will get your blood pumping and will boost your energy levels for up to two hours after. And regular exercise helps improve the quality of your sleep, meaning more energy throughout the day. Some research suggests working out can help regulate your sleep cycles, so you’ll fall asleep easier, sleep more soundly and wake up more rested. A morning workout—not a cup of coffee—could be just the ticket you need to feel more awake and energized all day long!

Exercise Excuse # 2: I don’t have time.
Eliminate 30 minutes of television viewing each night and exercise for half an hour instead. Unlike couch time, this method will strengthen muscles, burn fat, lower your cholesterol and reduce your risk of diabetes and heart disease. Record your favorite shows and watch them while lifting weights or running on the treadmill to multitask. Get up an hour earlier in the morning and go for a walk before you start your day or bring along your sneakers and go for a walk during your lunch break. There are many little time stealers in your day, from surfing the Internet to watching reruns to accepting calls from people you don’t really want to talk to. Getting rid of these distractions can add hours of free time each day—time that can be spent improving your health.

Exercise Excuse # 3: I can’t afford a gym membership or equipment.
While going to the gym is a great way to get in shape, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a good workout. Either sign up for the bare bones membership package (are you really going to use all the perks the gym offers anyway?) or exercise at home for free with help from SparkPeople’s exercise demos, workouts, videos and other fitness resources, like P90X, Insanity, or TurboFire from Beachbody. Push-ups, lunges, crunches and aerobics can all be done in the privacy of your own home and cost no money at all. Don’t forget to borrow some fitness DVDs from your local library to ensure you don’t get bored with your routine. See my previous blog "My Ultimate Goal for Beachbody Workout Programs" to ensure you don't get bored with your routine.  Exercising at home also eliminates another avoidance excuse—the weather. Your home treadmill is available rain or shine, 365 days a year.

Exercise Excuse # 4: I’m embarrassed by my appearance.
It’s tough to the gym if you don’t feel good about your appearance. A well-fitting pair of yoga pants and a new T-shirt go a long way towards making you feel better about your body. Baggy, oversized shirts and track pants may be comfortable, but they make you look bigger, so find some fitness clothes shaped to play up your best assets. If you are afraid of being the biggest person in the exercise class, sign up for a class specifically designed for overweight individuals or a beginner’s class where there will be others just starting out, too. And remember: Everyone at the gym has the same goal in mind and everyone had to start somewhere. You may feel self-conscious, but chances are that no one is really paying attention to you and if they are, they’re probably silently cheering you on for working toward your goals!

Exercise Excuse # 5: I’m too depressed.
A Harvard University study found that after 12 weeks of weight training, nearly 90% of seriously depressed seniors no longer met the criteria for clinical depression. And just 20 minutes of aerobic exercise boosts the levels of your brain’s feel-good chemicals, making you happier and more invigorated. So exercising will actually improve your mood, even if you feel like biting someone’s head off before you begin. Many bad moods are the result of stress and exercise is a proven way to relax and lower the amount of cortisol (which is produced in response to stress) in your system. High cortisol levels have been linked to the accumulation of harmful abdominal fat.

We are all busy and have lives outside of the gym, but we all need regular exercise to help us stay healthy, lose weight and cope with the stresses of everyday life. By making excuses to avoid exercise, all we’re really doing is telling ourselves that our physical and mental health is not important and doing the dishes, driving the kids to their activities or watching mindless television is a more worthy endeavor. And nothing could be further from the truth.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Beachbody Supplements

The P90X Peak Performance Protein bars come 12 in a box, $23.95 (less than $1 each). The P90X Nutrition Plan snack for the protein bars is only half a bar. That makes 24 snacks for one box of bars...almost a month's supply.

The P90X Peak Recovery drink is a 30 day supply for the tub, which has 25 servings, $43.95 ($1.76 each). It also comes in individual packets. This is a 30-day supply with 26 packets per box, $45.95 ($1.77 each)

Shakeology, one meal per day, is one bag for a 30-day supply or 24 individual serving packets, each are $119.95 (the bag is $4 each serving; packets $5 each serving).

All of these can be used with any Beachbody program, whatever program you enjoy.  I use them all and love them!

http://beachbodycoach.com/heathercates - & Choose "Shop"!

Splenda vs. Stevia: What's the Difference?

In a rare conversation with my youngest brother the other day, I introduced him to Stevia.  He asked me what the difference was between the two.  The simplest and best answer I could give at the time was that Splenda is processed.  It comes from something that is natural but processed to become a usable product.  I was not satisfied with my answer; I'm not sure whether he was but I wanted to provide a more thorough answer, nonetheless.

Baby brother, this is for you.  Thank you!

Though Splenda and Stevia are both considered zero-calorie sweeteners, and so share some similarities, there are a number of differences in the two.  Typically, when people speak of “Stevia,” they mean Stevia Rebaudiana, a Central and South American herb, the leaves of which have been used for centuries as a sweetener. Splenda, on the other hand, is a manufactured product, the main ingredient of which (sucralose) is the result of a chemical process where pairs of oxygen and hydrogen atoms in sugar are replaced with chlorine atoms.

3 Fat Chicks on a Diet

Splenda is different from other sweeteners in that it claims to be ‘made from sugar,’ and ‘natural,’ because Splenda is the trade name for sucralose. Sucralose is a synthetic compound, which — without going into too much scientific detail –is basically sugar modified by adding chlorine atoms. Sucralose, incidentally, was discovered in the 1970s by researchers looking to create a new pesticide. Chlorine is added to many products – drinking water, for example – and does not necessarily render the product dangerous. On the other hand, you are ingesting chlorine, which is not advised in large amounts.

It is true that Splenda has none of the dangerous effects of sugar on the body – no calories, no insulin boost, no cravings. Unfortunately, while many hundreds of times sweeter than sugar, Splenda poses its own unique health risks and dangers, according to many experts. The fact that the FDA approves or doesn’t approve a particular product, really in no way assures it is safe. Powerful lobbies make their living pushing through products that have no business being in the marketplace, while blocking others that pose an economic threat to investment.

The reason Splenda produces no calories, is that the majority passes through the body without being digested. Most studies show that only around 15% of Splenda is actually digested. The worrisome fact for some researchers is that people with healthier GI systems, will absorb more of the Splenda, and thus more of the dangerous chlorine.

The results of the tests done by Splenda’s manufacturers, McNeil Nutritionals, are also quite worrisome. Their studies revealed that test rodents suffered from dangerous side effects such as shrunken thymus glands, and enlarged livers and kidneys … and there were only short term studies. No long term studies were performed before Splenda was approved by the FDA. One could say that the long-term study is being conducted in households and supermarkets across America, with consumers as the test rodents.

A small segment of the population is allergic to sucralose, and the reactions produced in this group can be everything from rashes, panic attacks, headaches, to intestinal cramping, diarrhea, muscle aches, and stomach pain. Findings for allergic reactions are well-documented, but for the rest of the population, the studies are murky, at best.

Learn more about the dangers of Splenda.

Stevia Cafe

Neither of the two sugar substitutes has proven to negatively affect human health through long term consumption. Actually, some tests done with stevia have shown positive health benefits. The World Health Organization, also known as the WHO, have concluded that stevia shows some links in reducing blood pressure and even the risk of diabetes.

Stevia is the world’s only all natural sweetener with zero calories, zero carbohydrates and a zero glycemic index.  Harvested from a plant in the daisy family, stevia provides a truly delicious and healthy alternative to sugar or chemical sweeteners. The sweet part of the stevia herb is extracted and converted into an intensely sweet powder. This sweet powder is then blended with other all-natural ingredients to create the delicious and healthy sweetener.

Native people in Paraguay and other parts of South America have used stevia safely for centuries.  More recently Stevia gained popularity as a sweetener for coffees and teas, but it can sweeten just about anything you like. Because it works so well in cooking and baking, you can easily substitute stevia for sugar in just about any recipe.  Check out our stevia equivalency chart to see how much stevia you should use instead of sugar. Or visit our stevia recipes page to learn how to cook with stevia.

Since stevia has zero calories, zero carbohydrates and a zero glycemic index, it is perfect for individuals who cannot or would not like to have their blood glucose levels fluctuate at rapid levels.  This includes those with diabetes, hypo/hyperglycemia and anyone looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The glycemic index, or GI, measures how fast a food will raise your blood glucose level.  Choosing foods that produce zero fluctuations in blood glucose is an important component for long-term health and reducing your risk of heart disease and diabetes.  By helping you reduce your calorie intake and glycemic index, stevia can be a significant contributor to any healthy weight loss plan. Visit our stevia and diabetes page to learn more about stevia's role in responsibly managing this disease.

Nutrition science supports this naturally sweet treat as a component of a healthy diet. The safety of stevia is well documented in over 200 published scientific studies.  The herbal sweetener has been used for centuries by in South America and is gradually finding its way into the homes of millions around the world.  Stevia leaves contain numerous all-natural nutrients that help regulate blood sugar, including chromium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, selenium, zinc, and vitamin B3(Niacin).


As for my personal opinion, while not yet FDA approved, I choose Stevia.  I decided it not such a good idea to ingest products with which I brighten my tighty whities!

Stevia Recipes

My Ultimate Goal for Beachbody Workout Programs

I will get to this level!  One program down, SEVEN to go!

Whoa! Never could have imagined! Phenomenal way to make use of 8 Beachbody programs at the same time! Talk about variety! NEVER get bored with these programs!!! Holy crap!

P90X Plus
P90X One on One
10 Minute Trainer
Turbo Fire
Brazil Butt Lift

You can meet the creator here.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

P90X 30-Day Progress

The changes are not drastic, but I wouldn't expect them to be only 4 weeks into the program.  I am getting leaner and seeing a lot more muscle definition.  Muscle weighs more than fat, which explains the slight weight gain.  I have always had a 5 pound yo-yo in my weight.  Nevertheless, the number on the scale is just that...a number.  I know how I want my body to look and I don't care what the scale says so long as I am lean and toned.

I am starting an Eat Clean Challenge tomorrow.  It would be awesome if you joined me and let me know your thoughts along the way.  I will also do the Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse during my recovery week at the end of P90X Phase II.  Between these two, I hope to see a phenomenal Phase II!

NOTE: Total inches lost = 3.5; Weight = +3lbs

Friday, August 6, 2010

Shakeology & What It Does

For the full 411, pricing details, and place an order, www.myshakeology.com/heathercates

 How It Works*

This patent-pending daily nutritional shake helps your body gently eliminate toxins more efficiently while allowing for better absorption of the essential nutrients you need. A proprietary blend of digestive enzymes and prebiotics helps your body progressively eliminate the toxins that build up over time from eating today's highly processed foods.
At the same time, whole-food ingredients deliver the essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals your body needs to curb cravings, allowing your body to shed stored fat while the more than 20 different antioxidants and phytonutrients help reduce free radical damage that can lead to heart disease, heart attacks, high blood pressure, and stroke. 

What's In It

Even if you searched all over the world, you probably wouldn't be able to find all of the 70-plus, ultra-high-quality ingredients we've included in Shakeology. Not only do you get a wide range of essential nutrients, from the fruits and vegetables you should be eating more of every day, you'll also get the benefits of important foods from all around the world—foods that the latest scientific research has shown to be highly advantageous to your well-being.
More than 70 different ingredients were chosen from around the world for their potency and bioavailability (the ability to deliver the nutrients your body needs). Here are the key nutrient groups that these ingredients deliver:*
  • Protein and Essential Amino Acids to help build long, lean muscles and reduce food cravings
  • Prebiotics and Digestive Enzymes, which aid in improving digestion, regularity, and nutrient absorption
  • Antioxidants and Phytonutrients to help counteract free radical damage that can lead to degenerative diseases
  • Vitamins and Minerals your body needs to function for
    optimal health 

Protein and Essential Amino Acids*

  • Help build and repair muscles
  • Reduce hunger and food cravings
  • Help keep blood sugar steady
  • Support brain function to help promote alert thinking and reduce anxiety
  • Promote healthy skin, hair, and nails
Shakeology includes whey protein isolate, an easily absorbable source of high-quality protein that's ideal for building and maintaining lean muscle mass. It also helps keep your blood sugar steady, reducing hunger and junk food cravings. Essential amino acids, found in protein, help the body repair muscle tissue and heal wounds; support the brain to promote calmness and alertness; and reduce hunger pangs. The whey protein in Shakeology provides a highly bioavailable source of essential amino acids. 

Prebiotics and Digestive Enzymes*

  • Aid digestion
  • Help boost the immune system
  • Increase absorption of nutrients
  • Help keep you "regular"
Shakeology contains many ingredients that are beneficial to the digestive system. Prebiotics, natural components of certain plants, help support the "friendly" bacteria in your digestive tract. They may also help with the absorption of minerals such as calcium. Digestive enzymes, from plant sources such as pineapples and papayas, help your body break down food into its individual components, making the nutrients easier to absorb. Cooking can destroy food's natural digestive enzymes, so there's a good chance that you don't get enough of them in your diet. 

Antioxidants and Phytonutrients*

  • Get rid of harmful free radicals
  • Help decrease inflammation
  • Help boost your immune system
  • Potentially decrease the risk of degenerative diseases
  • May even increase longevity

Many of Shakeology's fruit and vegetable sources have been chosen for their high concentration of healthy natural substances known as phytonutrients, including flavonoids, polyphenols, anthocyanins, and catechins. These substances have antioxidant properties, meaning they help get rid of molecules known as free radicals, which damage cells and may be a key component of the aging process. In laboratory tests, phytonutrients have shown promise in helping prevent a wide variety of degenerative conditions. What's more, studies suggest that the natural mix of phytochemicals you get from whole-plant sources is more effective than taking them individually as nutritional supplements. 

23 Vitamins and Minerals*

  • Get a wide range of essential nutrients
  • Get your necessary vitamins every day
  • Make up for dietary deficiencies
Most of us don't get the complete range of essential vitamins and minerals in our daily diets. Some important vitamins, such as vitamin C and the B vitamins, are water-soluble, meaning they're flushed out of your body after a short time and need to be replenished regularly. Others, like vitamin E, can be difficult to get enough of in food. Shakeology provides all these nutrients in an easy-to-take, easily absorbable form, so you never have to worry.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cost Effectiveness: Egg Whites Only v. Whole Eggs

A friend of mine was concerned about wasting the egg yolks for the sake of cleaner eating.  I thought it good information to share with all, as I recognize if one person has a question, many others may also.

It is actually cheaper to waste the yolks.  I use cage-free, organic eggs.  Walmart has cheap ones for about $2.34/dozen.  I prefer Eggland's Best, and when I find $.50 off one dozen coupons, I buy them at Homeland for about $1.34.  Homeland also sells Eggland's Best cheaper than Walmart (about $3.24) by about a $1.

Don't think of it as "wasting" the yolk.  The yolk holds all of the fat, sodium and cholesterol. Most of the protein, which is what you are after, is in the whites.

1 whole egg = 70 calories, 4g fat, 170mg cholesterol, 65mg sodium, 6g protein

1 egg white = 17 calories, 0g fat, 0mg cholesterol, 0mg sodium, 3.5g protein

The bad stuff in the egg is what you "waste."  If consumed, it will cost more money in the long run through your deteriorating health.

I hope this helps.

How Healthy is McDonald's Smoothie, Really?

It seems like every other commercial on the radio today is promoting McDonald's New McCafe Smoothies.  While certainly a healthier menu option than the numerous other calorie and chemical infested items, I'm curious just how healthy those smoothies Let's compare McDonald's Medium Strawberry Banana Smoothie to one I make at home.  

Nutrition Info McDonald's Homemade
Calories: 260 200
Fat: 1g 1.83g
Cholesterol: 5mg 5.67mg
Sodium: 40mg 126.29mg
Carbohydrates: 60g 24.84g
Dietary Fiber: 3g 2.64g
Sugars: 54g 7.83g
Protein: 2g 21.38g

Ingredients strawberry puree Fresh Strawberries

banana puree Fresh banana

water Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze

sugar Stevia Clear Drops

concentrated apple juice Jay Robb Brown Rice Protein Vanilla

less 1% of: Dannon Greek Style Nonfat Plain Yogurt

cellulose powder Vanilla Extract

natural and artificial flavors

xanthan gum

citric add

colored with fruit and vegetable juice


ascorbic acid
Cultured Grade A reduced fat milk
whey protein concentrate
corn starch
kosher gelatin
active yogurt cultures

The higher sodium in the homemade smoothie comes from the yogurt.  This is the only negative for the homemade vs. McDonald's.  I'll take the 86mg more sodium for 60 fewer calories, 35g fewer carbs, 46g fewer sugars, and 20g more protein.  This is without mentioning the cleaner ingredient list of the homemade vs. "other" smoothie!!  The length comparison alone should scare you.

McDonald's smoothie is $2.49 (add cost of fuel & your time waiting).  Homemade is approximately $2.25. 

Seriously, it takes longer to go through the drive thru at McDonald's than it does to make a smoothie at home! Save yourself time & money!

How Awesome is this!

Actress Marlee Matlin talks about her first day of P90X

I love that she says "it kicked my ass" not once but twice!

Watch here!

Wean Yourself Off Processed Foods in 7 Steps

Wean Yourself Off Processed Foods in 7 Steps

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

FitWisdom: The "Rant Diet"


Along with this is an official Facebook event. Please take the challenge and join. It is ONE week of your life. I promise you will not believe how much better you feel and much more energy you will have!

4 Tips for Deeper Sleep

Brigid Sweeney

Natural Tricks to Sleep Better

  • Eat a Few Carbs Before Bed
  • Block Out Artificial Light
  • Make Your Bedroom Cool, but Wear Socks
  • Cut Back on Booze
It's official: Sleep is the new sex. We're obsessed with scoring more, making it better, and commiserating with friends who don't get enough. Problem is, many of the 60 million Americans who suffer from insomnia reach for meds in their quest to cop decent z's. Instead of popping a sedative, try these methods.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Exercisers

7 Habits of Highly Effective Exercisers