Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shakeology® Jones and the Blender of Zoom

(excerpt from Team Beachbody Newsletter, Issue #189, September 30, 2010)
By Mark Nelson
"Are all those vaccinations really necessary?" If you plan to track down all the sources for Shakeology's potent nutrients and superfoods, roll up your sleeve because the answer is "yes." While you're at it, you should also plan to:
  • Pack for an around-the-world trip.
  • Arrange air and ground transportation for travel to 15+ countries.
  • Find indigenous guides and nutrition experts to go with you.
  • Purchase and transport precious, potent foods.
  • Get a fedora, bullwhip, and blender to travel like Shakeology Jones.
Of course, there's the fast, simple way:
  • Put a cup of Shakeology into your blender.
  • Add milk, juice, or water (ice optional).
  • Pour into a nice tall glass and drink.
Whipping up a glass of Shakeology is super easy. Besides, Darin Olien, Beachbody's very own Shakeology Jones (sans the fedora and bullwhip) has already traveled to remote corners of the earth on his quest to source the most intensely healthy foods known to man.
On his journey, he developed relationships with indigenous farmers and experts and helped Beachbody® source the 70+ super-potent foods and essential nutrients that go into each glass of Shakeology. So what are they, and where are they from? Shakeology's nutritional trip around the globe will take you to:
  1. Acai BerriesThe Amazon rainforests for:

    • Acai berry. It's packed with antioxidants plus loads of healthy omega fats, protein, and dietary fiber, which may help control heart disease.
  2. The Andes for:

    • Quinoa. Called "the gold of the Incas" for increasing the stamina of Incan warriors, this extremely nutritious seed includes all nine essential amino acids.
  3. Bangladesh for:

    • Pomegranate powder. Effective in reducing heart disease risk factors, pomegranate has also been shown to decrease blood pressure.
  4. Brazil for:

    • Camu camu powder. A powerful antioxidant that contains more vitamin C than any other plant in the world (30 to 60 times more than an orange).
    • Suma powder. A rejuvenator that assists with muscle growth.
  5. China for:

    • Cordyceps mushroom powder. This tonic herb improves lung function, promotes the immune system, and enhances longevity.
    • Astragalus root powder. Used for literally thousands of years to strengthen the immune system, it also has the ability to increase energy and vitality.
    • Reishi mushroom powder. Known as a "magic plant," it increases energy, improves digestion, strengthens the immune system, and improves cardiovascular function. It's also prescribed to treat senility.
    • Schisandra powder. It helps protect the liver by stimulating the production of antioxidants.
  6. Egypt for:

    • Flaxseed meal. A rich source of omega-3 fats and fiber, it helps lower cholesterol levels, aids in digestion, and helps stabilize blood sugar levels.
  7. England for:

    • Bilberry fruit powder. Bilberries contain a strong antioxidant used to prevent premature aging and disease. During World War II, English bomber pilots reported an increase in their night vision after eating bilberry jam.
  8. India for:

    • Holy basil powder. One of the most cherished healing herbs of India, it's been used for centuries to promote immunity and stress resilience, support strength and stamina, and enhance calm and clarity.
  9. Japan for:

    • Chlorella. A tremendous source of nutrition, it acts as a detoxifier and digestive aid, and is also known to normalize blood pressure and stabilize blood sugar.
    • Maitake mushroom powder. Regulates blood circulation, reduces blood pressure, improves insulin levels, and enhances the immune system function.
  10. Mexico for:

    • Chia seed meal. Known as the "running food" since the time of the Aztecs, it has up to 10 times the oil and up to twice the protein of most other grains.
  11. Goji BerriesMongolia for:

    • Goji berries. They have more antioxidant power than almost any other fruit. These berries contain 18 kinds of amino acids (six times higher than bee pollen) and 21 trace minerals, and are associated with longevity and strength building.
  12. Paraguay for:

    • Stevia. The plant's leaves account for its incredible sweetness. It is much sweeter than sugar and has none of sugar's unhealthy drawbacks.
  13. Peru for:

    • Maca powder. The Maca root contains more than 55 naturally occurring phytochemicals that, in addition to lifting your mood, will enhance your strength and stamina.
    • Sacha inchi. Containing all essential fatty acids, it includes the highest concentration of omega-3 of any food on the planet. Sacha inchi is also naturally rich in protein and fiber, so it acts as a strong natural appetite controller.
    • Yacon powder. A valuable alternative sweetener, it's not digestible and passes through the body. This means it has about half the calories of sugar.
  14. Greece for:

    • Rose hip powder. Its anti-inflammatory properties can alleviate joint stiffness and pain, and improve general well-being and mood.
  15. Acerola BerriesUSA for:

    • Acerola powder. Derived from cherries, it's one of the highest sources of vitamin C—a powerful antioxidant.
    • Blueberry powder. Blueberries are ranked first in antioxidant activity compared to other fruits and vegetables, and they're an excellent anti-aging food.
Of course, there's a lot more healthy stuff in Shakeology.
From apple pectin powder to lipase to wheatgrass, Shakeology is loaded with other potent ingredients that help you:
  • Control cravings
  • Increase energy
  • Improve mental clarity
  • Support muscle growth
  • Support cardiovascular health
  • Support the immune system
  • Promote bone and joint health
  • Stabilize blood sugar levels
  • Promote good digestion
  • Enhance skin elasticity
  • Prevent premature hair graying
  • Feed nail and hair growth

What does a world of nutrition taste like?

Essentially, there are two ways to find out. One requires multiple vaccinations, a passport, a huge travel budget, and some ability with a bullwhip.

The other requires a blender and a supply of Shakeology, our ultra-premium nutritional health shake.

Personally, I'd go with the blender over the bullwhip every time.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Boost Your Energy

I received this in an email through my employer's Personal Vitality program.  Great tips for keeping your energy level up, especially when it crashes between 2 PM & 3 PM.  Then, if you're like me and have to exercise after work, you will plenty of energy for it and won't cop out!

Your Body Was Built to Move
If you are sedentary for the majority of the day, you're not generating the energy and vitality you need. Too often people see movement as something they did when they were younger, but now it is too difficult or time-consuming. Nothing can be further from the truth. Movement is critical to making the link between your brain and your body, achieving your potential, and feeling and performing better in all aspects of life.

Even if you do set aside time on a daily or weekly basis to exercise, are you using movement to boost your energy throughout the day? Experiment with movement and experience the benefits, including:
  • Increased energy as a result of taking the stairs
  • Feeling refreshed by standing up and stretching after sitting at your desk for 90 minutes or more
  • A reduction in pain and stiffness

Look for opportunities to move and act on them. For the next week, take the stairs, get up from your chair every hour to stretch, or go for a brisk 10-minute walk twice during the day. Notice how you feel after incorporating simple movements.

Breakfast Today

I rarely eat out for breakfast, especially during the week.  First, I don't have the money for it.  Second, I can eat far healthier at home. Avoiding the drive-thru avoids temptation.  Last, it takes me just as little time to make my breakfast at home as it does to...

...detour through the drive-thru, wait on the person in front of me who has to read every word on the menu before ordering for a small army, finally make to the menu board only to have to repeat my order three times, stop at the first window to pay, wait on the small army to verify their order at the next window, make it the last window to finally receive my order only to find part of it missing once I arrive at work.  Who needs that first thing in the morning?!

This is my breakfast today.

*Sara Lee Bagel - bought the bagels at the Sara Lee discount bread store for $.75 = 6 bagels

*3 egg whites - organic, cage free eggs from Whole Foods $2.39/dozen

*1 oz. Cheddar cheese - $2-16oz block at Walmart

Roma tomato - $.25 price matched at Walmart from Aldi sale ad

Total cost for my breakfast - $1.11 + coffee & 10 minutes time start to finish, including making coffee

See my nutrition info here

Thursday, September 16, 2010

P90X Week 8, Day 53

Well, that bug I was fighting last week, wasn't done with me.  I started feeling extremely tired on Sunday.  I left work a couple of hours early on Monday afternoon.  Stayed home Tuesday & Wednesday because I couldn't stay awake longer than 30 minutes at a time.  I woke up this morning feeling much better and with loads more energy than I've had in a couple of weeks.

Generally, when I'm sick, I have to force myself to take it easy to give my body time to recover.  I felt I had done that over the last four days and didn't want to go any longer not working out.  When I was awake, I didn't eat proper either.  Thank goodness for Shakeology!  It got me back on track and cleansed my system of the poison I had ingested!

I felt good enough by the afternoon that I decided to try to get in a workout.  I was going for a run & Yoga X.  I did 30 minutes on the treadmill & my stomach obnoxiously objected to Yoga X.  I thought it best to listen to my body & call it good for tonight.  I will try to do more tomorrow.

The important thing is that I did my best and jumped right back in, instead of saying "I'll start up again next week."  No need to wait for next week. No time like the present!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Keep Pushing Play

I got some much needed rest today, knocked out the last shoot of a skit, and got a great start on my laundry.  I needed to get my workout in after the skit & strongly contemplated waiting until later in the evening.  However, anytime I do that the fact that I still have to workout always nags at me & I can't fully relax.  

I got the laundry going and headed to the gym for my 30 minute run.  It felt great & was able to go nonstop for the first time in a long time.  I came home and got straight to Kenpo X.  I really love this workout.  It is my favorite of the P90X series!  It is fun & leaves me feeling empowered along with accomplished for having gotten in a great workout!

I feel as though I am nearly back to treating my workout as any other mandatory part of my day.  I cannot go without eating, so I do not go without a workout every day.  This is the way it HAS to be in order to maintain good health!  This along with my nutrition being greatly improved!  

I have Shakeology to thank for helping me keep my nutrition in check.  For those times, I don't feel like fixing anything (& would normally eat out) or when I don't have time to fix anything (& would normally eat out) I can easily and quickly fix a shake and be done!  I am not left feeling hungry an hour later; I have had all the nutrients and vitamins I need for the day; I have put only healthy, clean food into my body! 

You can workout with me each day, too.  Visit my site & sign up for a FREE membership to Beachbody's WOWY Supergym.  This is a virtual gym, of sorts, and when you log your workout daily, you are entered for a chance to win $300-$1000.  Hell of a deal, if you ask me.  Get paid to workout?!! Sign me up!  Oh, yeah, already did!!

NOTE: If you want an even crazier deal, for $2.99 per week, you can get 10% discount on all purchases from Beachbody, nutrition help, including meal plans, and a ton more.  That's only about $12 per month.  You don't get all that from a brick & mortar gym for that price!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Overcoming Adversity

Starting Wednesday this week, I've been fighting a bit of nausea.  I'm not sure why.  I took some time to rest Wednesday, to let it subside, before my workout.  Historically, if I had done this, I would have ended up ditching my workout altogether.  Fortunately, I did not!  I worked out, albeit, late.

The nausea returned yesterday with a vengeance.  Since I am allowed one day of rest per week (for me, it is usually Sunday), I decided to rest yesterday and not workout.  I kept my diet in check, of course.

I suspect that the nausea is due to sinus trouble, so I will need to be sure to keep something on my stomach at all times.  I must power through this to keep up my physical strength and health.  There are several of my coworkers who are coming into the office sick, so to defend myself to the floating germs, I must be more diligent in making sure my diet is on point, my exercise happens daily, and I get a sufficient amount of sleep each night.

I am halfway through this round of P90X and excited to try Insanity at the end of October.  I'm extremely pleased with the results I'm seeing and I don't want to sabotage myself by giving into not feeling quite as well as usual. 

Please help hold me accountable and leave comments!

10:40 PM

Workout is complete!  I did fight a little nausea during the workout but I think that was just due to the intensity & my heart rate getting a bit high at points.  Nevertheless, it is amazing what a little support & encouragement can do for someone when they are at their weakest.  Now, for some much needed rest!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Progress & Motivation

I am officially half way through P90X, Week 7, Day 45.  I've been feeling a little discouraged because I can't see any physical progress.  I know I've been working hard and my diet has been on point, so I should be seeing progress, right?

This is the very reason I take pics EVERY week!  I just pulled out my pics & compared to Week 1.  NOW I see the progress!!

I still have a long way to go from behind.  That progress is indeed slow but, nevertheless, progressing.  I can't wait until Day 90!

I'll post official Day 60 pics in two weeks. 

Calories Burned with Beachbody Fitness Programs

I was curious about exactly how many calories I was burning during my P90X workouts.  I use to track my nutrition and workouts.  The calorie burn estimated by this site was in line with horrific formula calculation I found I used (as an accountant, this blew my mind to keep straight so I won't torture you with a repost) and with the burn estimated by the machines at the gym (which are a little low in comparison - I use the lower number).  However, some of my friends use other sites to track their nutrition and workouts and the burn I was seeing from those sites seemed way low, especially for those I know are doing a Beachbody program.  I got to looking through the message boards and found the following: 

From Steve Edwards, Team Beachbody Fitness Advisor -

"You can get a ballpark figure (way ballpark really). To be somewhat accurate you have to know what your max HR is and it's very helpful to know what your anaerobic threshold is. Without knowing these numbers you are really just guessing, which is only slightly better than using those silly scales you can find online that say things like:

walking 200 cals/hr
mowing the lawn 300 cals/hr
basketball 500 cals/hr
sex 1,000 cals/hr etc, etc,

these scales are wildly off, in general because when doing something like playing bball you can be playing lazily and diving after loose balls and running around like AI, which would be a difference of about 800 cals/hr for the same activity.

If you use the 220-age (m) or 226-age (f) scale for est max HR, which is always wrong, and you know your resting HR, you can vaguely figure out training zones which can give you an idea, which is probably with 200-300 calories. This isn't too accurate given that an easy workout might only burn that much.

I like to always underestimate so here's a scale to use:

1,000 cals an hour = you totally killing yourself for an hour. Drenched in sweat, heart feeling like it's about to explode, like racing a bike.

800 in a hour is a very hard continuous workout. Pumped for most of it.

600 an hour is a hard workout like BIU.

400 an hour would be if you did BIU and were really lazy and didn't use very much weight. You were sweating but never very tired and never pushing to failure.

300 an hour would be an easy but continuous hike

200 an hour would be stretching while watching tv and getting up at every commercial to walk to the fridge and eat something.

P90X = 600
Slim in 6 BIU = 600
Slim in 6 RIU = 400
P90 3/4 = 400
P90 1/2 = 300
Power Half Hour = 350"

Monday, September 6, 2010

My P90X Journey - Day 43, Week 7

I just finished Day 1 of Week 7 (Day 43) of Phase 2 in P90X.  This is my second Week 7 because I extended this phase by two weeks due to having some struggle with my schedule change, and quite, honestly, my terrible habit of making excuses.  I really only had one bad week when I added two weeks.  However, it is a good thing I add the two and not just one.  I struggled big time last week.  

In order to better accommodate work and my kids, I changed my workouts from 4 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  I still get up at 4 a.m., but get straight to work from home until I have to take my kids to school.  I had been doing good about jumping out of bed and getting straight into my workout.  Now, I have to wait until my day is nearly finished before I workout.  I am always so tired and worn out by this time, so it more of a challenge to keep the momentum going through my workout.

Nevertheless, I know I am capable.  Last year, when I lost so much weight, I had a regular routine & my workout was always in the evening.  It is simply mind over matter, making this a mandatory part of my day (like eating & bathing), and 'getting out of my head about it' (thanks for that one Mr. Horton).  I read a tweet by Mrs. Chalene Johnson the other day.  It said people always say the want something but when it comes down to doing what it takes to get that thing out come the excuses.  Talk about a slap in the face!  That is me when I want to give into being too tired to workout.  I desperately want this lean, hard body, but keep making those damned excuses, not just on working out either.  I do it to justify poor nutrition choices, too!  I won't keep beating myself up about it.  I'll pick myself up, dust myself off, and charge on!