Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tony Horton Cried!

Watching Tony's reaction to this success story left me speechless. He is truly a compassionate human being and believes in paying it forward.

This man was both elderly and overweight. If he can turn back the clock and get healthier, YOU certainly have ZERO excuses!

6 Tricks to Making Halloween a Healthy Treat

Team Beachbody Newsletter #193

By Omar Shamout
Ghouls and goblins and ghosts, oh my! That's right, folks—Halloween is just around the corner, and if you're not careful, you might have to add another "G" to that list: gastric bypass. Okay, maybe that's a little extreme, but we all know how tempting it is for you adults to gobble down those sweets before, during, and after All Hallows' Eve—and that's nothing compared to the blitzkrieg of sugar your kids have in store for them. So take a minute to rethink some of your holiday traditions, learn some interesting ways to avoid the "scary" dietary pitfalls October brings, and rediscover what the spirit of Halloween is really all about! Trust me, the parents of the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood will thank you too! (Sugar tantrums are terrifying.)
Carved Pumpkins
  1. Candy is candy, no matter how you sweeten it. Whether it's dolled up with HFCS or agave syrup, candy will still rot your children's teeth, mess with their blood sugar, and add to their waistlines. "Sweet" doesn't have to come from a factory, though. There are many tasty, less processed, more wholesome foods that will satisfy that sweet tooth just fine. Fruit can be made into a variety of delicious treats, and is loaded with vitamin C to help your immune system and fiber to aid your digestion, as well as a host of other nutritious vitamins and minerals. Many dried fruits, like raisins, come in small packets ideal for tossing into trick-or-treaters' bags. If you're willing to put in the effort, fresh fruit can be carved into many fun, devilish designs that will add more to the Halloween mood than the calorie count. Although safety dictates that not many trick-or-treaters accept fruit, particularly cut-up fruit, your ghoulish creations should be a hit at any Halloween party—even the grown-up ones. Think of all the possibilities with just these simple ideas: an orange as a mini-pumpkin, grapes as eyeballs, a melon as a brain, and either carrot sticks or string cheese as fingers. Okay, so string cheese isn't exactly a fruit, but you get the idea. Be creative!
  2. WalnutsGo nuts! If you don't have the time to indulge your inner artiste in the kitchen and create some spooky snacks, then consider handing out individually wrapped packs of almonds, pretzels, or trail mix to the kiddies. Pretzels are pretty low in calories, and almonds are chock-full of healthy fats and protein. Trail mix can be high in sodium, so keep an eye on the nutrition label, but all of these options are much healthier than candy.
  3. Don't be scared of the dark. If you or your kids just can't live without a chocolate fix, opt for dark chocolate over milk chocolate, because it's far less sweet, has fewer calories, and contains more iron and antioxidants. And without milk as an ingredient, you'll be consuming less saturated fat. Dark-chocolate-covered almonds are a personal fave!
  4. Become the Crypt Keeper. There was no better master of ceremonies than everyone's favorite cheeky little skeleton, so why not follow his lead, and host your own party or event for your friends or your kids' friends? That way, you'll know exactly what's going into their hungry mouths. Get those crafty-yet-healthy snacks ready, and continue the creativity by having a costume making-party, scavenger hunt, ghost story session, or scary movie night. Just pop in The Adventures of Pluto Nash or Stop or My Mom Will Shoot! and the young'uns will be terrified! No? Well, I suppose you know your kids better than I do, but I left the theater shaking . . . Getting back to the matter at hand, shouldn't Halloween be more of an activity (with an emphasis on active) than just an excuse to eat as much candy as possible? Besides, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and even Festivus will be here before you know it, all of which will provide plenty of time to celebrate the wonders of food. Keeping your kids occupied with fun things to do during Halloween is something they'll enjoy far more than a candy bar, one they'll be sure to look back on with a smile rather than the memory of an upset stomach.
  5. Take a hike! No, really. If your kids are restless and insist on hitting the pavement to beg for candy, why not find a nice big hill for this year's trick-or-treating trip? This will really separate the truly dedicated costumed adventurers from the mildly amused. If your group manages to make it all the way up the hill, then at least they've gotten in some exercise to balance out the chocolate overflowing from their bags. On the other hand, if they poop out halfway up, all the better for you—and their blood sugar! Plus, when they pass out early from exhaustion, you can toss out all the really bad stuff they acquired without them ever knowing!
  6. Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF BoxCoins over candy. It's never a bad time to teach your children about compassion, so try cutting candy out of the equation altogether by convincing them to trick-or-treat for UNICEF. In addition to being able to get coin boxes from UNICEF through the mail, you can also pick them up at any Toys "R" Us® or Babies "R" Us® store. (Go to for more information.) By participating, your kids can collect money to help children around the world receive clean water, healthy food, and life-saving immunizations. What better reason could there be to put on a costume?
The bottom line is, the last thing we need in life is another holiday dedicated to unhealthy food. (Plus, with the amount of artificial ingredients, chemicals, and highly processed sweeteners in candy these days, most of it can barely even be classified as food.) The fun of Halloween has always been in the mood, the atmosphere, the thrill of the scare, and the excitement of planning and dressing up in a costume, so focus your attention on those things, and you're bound to create a memorable experience for everyone. And remember, keep it active!
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Want to Buy P90X, Insanity, TurboFire, or Shakeology for 25% off?

Or are you already using one of these programs and supplements from Beachbody, like the P90X Peak Performance Protein Bars, P90X Recovery Formula, or others?

How does a 25% discount on all those products sound? Pretty freakin awesome, right? Yup, that got me, too. How about getting that discount AND not having to put up any financial commitment upfront? Right now, for a limited time, NEW Team Beachbody coaches sign up for FREE, get a 25% discount on all products, and earn 25% of anything purchased through their personalized sites. Holy crap! What?! Dude, this is INSANE! Why not do this now? (Kinda makes me wish I had waited...but you can get this!)

I love Beachbody...all their fitness programs and supplements! I had been using them for the last three years and bragging about their effects. About two months ago or so, I met another fan of P90X & Beachbody on Facebook. She is from Oklahoma, too! She had awesome results & she was a Team Beachbody Coach.

I use every time I workout, and when I'm contemplating another program, and I had seen on several profiles the tag "coach" next to their names. I had no idea how so many people had become coaches or what was involved. My new friend told me about it and how it works. Of course, she was like "you talk about Beachbody products so much, you may as well earn a little money off those referrals and be a coach, too, and by the way, you get a 25% discount on everything." Uh, excuse me? Did you! 25%?!...mmm...

Well, she was right. I signed up as a coach with Team Beachbody. I signed up to get that phenomenal discount. Having others believe what I say about how effective the products are, being inspired by and motivated by me, and allowing me to be motivated by them, and ultimately having them sign me as their coach, and thus, earning 25% of what they purchase is a very fortunate side-effect of my passion for health and fitness supported by an A+ company.

Got you thinking? I hope so. Being a coach does not necessarily mean you HAVE to DO anything than use the programs & products. To me, being a coach means...doing what I was already doing by inspiring others to lead healthier lives, helping others through the struggles of the challenge of changing a lifestyle, using products I know to be true, effective, safe, and healthy...all this I was doing PRIOR to signing up as a coach...being a coach affords me the added benefit of being supported by an extremely successful team of like-minded people who want to put an end to the obesity epidemic in our country...BEACHBODY. I have found the resources to be endless.

I have done other "home direct sales" businesses in the past. While I believed, and still do, in those products, too, the one vital piece that was missing was a strong support team, dedicated to your individual success, no matter to what level you choose to climb. Team Beachbody does this!

I still do everything I did before becoming a coach. I try to commit a couple of hours per week to further build my business. Aside from that, I don't have to carve out a HUGE amount of time for this. Like I said, I was already doing these things, only now, I earn money, too.

I'm not out to "make money" off people. I support anyone seeking to get healthy. So, whether you are convinced to be a coach, sign me as your coach, or just need a little extra support, I WANT to help! Helping others, helps me.

Oh, yeah, did I mention you can sign up to be a coach for FREE right now? This is for a limited time but is a better deal than I got! Beachbody has waived the usual $39.95 sign up fee! There is a $14.95 monthly coach online maintenance fee, but that is absolutely it. That covers the cost of the online office and personalized two websites. You can get all the details by clicking on "Coach" here. You can also sign up to be a coach while you are there.

If you just want me to be your Team Beachbody coach, you do so by clicking on "Join" here. You can join for FREE or pay only $2.99 per month and get a 10% discount on all products and access to tons of valuable tools to help you along your journey.

You can find all the jewels to Shakeology, too.

Speaking of Shakeology, I know you are interested but probably deterred by the cost. I'm an accountant & easily see the cost compared to the value of products. I'll try to explain it.

Shakeology = $119.95 per month
divided by 30 days
= $4 per day...that is per meal! What did you spend eating out today & how healthy was it? Did it promote your health & fitness goals?

As a coach...
Shakeology = $119.95 less 25% = $89.96 per month
divided by 30 days
= $3 per day...add this to the $14.95 monthly maintenance fee
Shakeology for coaches = $3.50 per day

All this calculation assumes Shakeology ordered on Home Direct (HD) for the FREE shipping...a $10 value...that would be another $10 saved per month.

Coaches save on Shakeology

$29.99 from 25% discount
$10.00 from FREE shipping
($14.95) paid monthly
$25.04 monthly savings for the healthiest meal of the day & support of a healthy lifestyle oriented's a no-brainer really!

P90X Round 2 Complete, Moving on to Round 1 of Insanity

Wow!  The life of a single mother certainly is never dull!  I struggled sooo much during the last two phases of P90X.  I changed my workout schedule from mornings to evenings in an attempt to do more.  Sadly, I ended up missing workouts.  Obviously, this was not going to work, so I changed my schedule back to morning workouts for the third phase.  I was doing better but still missing 1-2 workouts per week & struggling to stay on track with my nutrition.  I was doing better by the second week of Phase 3 (my fave), then my daughter started having health problems.  This landed us in the hospital each week of my final two weeks of the program.

I did let my nutrition go the first week.  At the end of that week, I came to the realization that I had made a terrible mistake.  During a time when it was most crucial for me to keep up my strength and health, I was letting it go again.  The second time she was hospitalized I did have one bad day in particular.  I fought to get my nutrition right, slipping a couple of more times.  By the time she had been sent home, I was doing much better (as was she).  

I decided to spend this last week of October getting my nutrition back on track.  I will be doing a Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse over the weekend in preparation for my new fitness program, Insanity!  I'm excited and scared at the same time!  I have a renewed focus and determination and fully intend to take on this next challenge with every fiber of my being!

Did I get results from P90X?  Yes!  Am I ripped?  No!  Does this mean P90X does not work?  Absolutely not!  I know I did not follow the program the way I needed to.  I own my responsibility for not getting extreme results.  However, I did get results and I am happy with the results I got.  I wanted more, but I know I got out of it what I put into it.

It is strange how sometimes the most stressful times of our lives provide us with the most clarity.  In addition to getting my nutrition back on track, I am trying some new things with my daughter's nutrition.  She has been having stomach problems for the last two years.  I read something that speculated that corn syrup was causing the same in children.  I told her I wanted to try to eliminate that from her diet as much as possible to see if it would help.  Of course, eliminating that from my diet isn't a bad thing either!  Also, it has been proven that those who exercise are better able to manage stress.  I have loads of stress.  I NEED my fitness and nutrition to be on point so I don't lose my mind and drive everyone around me crazy, too!

I know now more than ever how important it is for me to be an example to my children.  I have to lead by example.  While I will continue to have obstacles, challenges, and forever be short on time, I have to be strong and committed.  If I am to give up and quit when things get tough, I am only teaching my children it is okay to give up, too.  I CANNOT and WILL NOT do that to them!

The next 3 days - Shakeology cleanse.

The following 60 days - Insanity!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tonight's Dinner

This was fantastic!  I highly recommend it.  The original recipe is from Family Circle. I altered it to reduce the fat & sodium content.  The link to my recipe is in the blog title.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Power Sleep

Get the Most Out of the Sleep You’re Getting
What happens while we sleep is just as important as what happens while we are awake. Sleep is the body’s natural recovery and regeneration time. Using it to your advantage can be a major key to energy and vitality. Your sleep environment, rituals, schedule, and napping habits all play a vital role in getting the most out of your sleep.

Did You Know?

  • Regular sleep habits can reduce food cravings.
  • Doing work, watching TV, or using a computer close to bedtime hinders quality sleep.
  • An evening glass of wine may be a relaxant, but the dehydration it causes reduces the quality and restorative impact of sleep.
One of the most important steps to improving your sleep is to become aware of your sleep habits.

Having consistent sleep and wake times is a great way to stabilize your sleep cycles and improve the quality of your sleep. Each day for one week, track the times you go to bed and wake up. Observe how you feel as you move toward a more consistent sleep schedule.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I’m Dieting but I Can’t Lose Weight Fast

Another great article from Chalene Johnson

I'm Dieting but I Can't Lose Weight Fast

Why do you sometimes gain weight when starting a new exercise program?

I love, love, love Chalene Johnson, creator of TurboKick, TurboJam, TurboFire, & ChaLEAN Extreme. She is a wealth of knowledge in all things health and fitness. Subscribe to her blog for invaluable information such as this article. I've been asked the same question & now I am happy to have a resource to which to refer when answering!

Why do you sometimes gain weight when starting a new exercise program?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shout out to a fellow Fitness Blogger

Please, please, please go check out this guy's blog.  He lives in the Tulsa area, too, and on his first round of P90X.  He is blogging about his experience and progress.  I especially love today's post: 8 Ways to Keep Yourself on Target.  As I do anyone seeking to lead a healthier life, I support him as he finds a new way of living.  Please show him your support, too, and follow his blog.

#025 - P90X Newsletter - SUGAR, SUGAR - Fitness, Nutrition, Diet, Weight Loss Official Web site

Well put! You MUST read this!!

#025 - P90X Newsletter - SUGAR, SUGAR - Fitness, Nutrition, Diet, Weight Loss Official Web site

10 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight |

Great article.

10 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight |

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Buying Organic Meat on the Cheap

I am passionate about eating healthy.  The most common complaint I hear about eating healthy is the expense.  It is sad but true.  Healthy food is more expensive...on the shelf.  

The fact not considered by those complaining is all the health problems caused by the cheaper, unhealthy foods.  These foods are laden with chemicals and preservatives which have addictive properties.  They are also far less satisfying causing us to consume more of it, more often.  The greater consumption compounds and makes us ill, overweight, and generally unhealthy.  Because we are unhealthy, we have to make more frequent visits to the doctor's office where we are provided with more chemicals to alleviate the pain caused by our unhealthy diet.

Now, this food that seemed less expensive on the shelf has increased in cost because we buy more of it, pay to visit the doctor, and pay to ingest more chemicals.  All the while we feel horrible.  We are not able to move as easily because our joints hurt, our muscles ache, we can't breathe, etc.

Considering all this, is that food really less expensive?

Nevertheless, I recognize that some will still be effected by the sticker shock.  I, too, have a difficult time swallowing some of the prices.  Therefore, I have made it my personal mission to find healthy, organic food at reasonable/comparable prices.

My first find was organic meat - beef, chicken, and pork.  As with traditional grocery stores, it is generally less expensive to buy in bulk or pre-bundled packages.  Now, a traditional grocery store generally sells "bottom of the barrel" JUNK!  You know...the stuff highest in fat, full of gristle, and looking slightly worse for the wear.

I knew I was taking a risk but I also knew the company had put it's reputation on the line by claiming their meat to be lean and organic.  I went here and browsed through their "meat packs."  This was the least expensive option.  I ended up ordering pack #1 & #4.  

I got a total of 12# of meat for $50 ($4.17/lb.).  The chicken alone normally sold for $7.99/lb!  The ground beef was more lean than the 96% extra lean ground beef I was buying at Wal-Mart ($3.29/lb)!  From the first pound, I made us hamburgers.  I used our George Forman grill, so the grease collected in the tray.  How much grease dripped off an entire pound of this beef?  See for yourself. 
Yup! That's ONE TEASPOON!!  Notice it is NOT full!  LESS THAN ONE TEASPOON of grease from this beef!!  I still can't believe it!  Here are the hamburgers.
Six patties, two slightly larger than the rest.  The next question was taste.  Yikes!  We were very pleased when they tasted amazing!

Next up, pork loin chops!  I cannot attest to the taste, as I do not like pork.  My kids, however, had zero objections!  My one complaint about these was the thick ribbon of fat on the outer edge.  Although, there wasn't much throughout the loins, so what was there was easy enough to trim off.  These chops were thick!  Here is one after it was cooked.
I didn't think to get pics of the chicken & beef roast we have had.  I have only one complaint about the chicken tenders.  They had some tendons that were not removed.  However, they had ZERO fat or gristle on them!  They were tender and tasted great!  The beef round roast was also amazing.  I cook my roast in a crockpot with carrots & potatoes, covered with water & onion soup mix added in for flavor.  When I have bought roast at a grocery store, it always has a thick layer of fat on the bottom that I have to trim off.  This roast had such a thin layer I could not trim it off without trimming the meat, too!  I was a happy camper.

I definitely love the meat from this store!  I have yet to try other meat markets in town but plan on doing so, as long as their prices beat this market's prices.  I have to admit, I am leery of the taste of the other store's meats after having been so satisfied with this one!

Family Dinner

Well, it's been a bit since I posted something of my own.  I had to take time to get my routine and schedule ironed out, so some things had to take a back seat.

Now, on with it!  

I feel very strongly about kids eating healthy.  Too many parents in my generation cater to their kids when the kids scream and through fits about the food placed in front of them.  One day, when I had taken my son in for a wellness exam, I voiced my concern about my son not eating & that I refused to fix separate meals or allow him to eat the junk he preferred.  His pediatrician told me "he WILL eat when he is hungry.  You don't have to fix him something different from the rest of the family, and by all means, DO NOT allow him to eat whatever he wants.  He is a child & needs the guidance toward healthy options & not the junk most kids prefer."  I can't swear to the exactness of that quote, but the conversation was to that effect. 

That conversation took place when my son was four or five years old.  He is now eleven.  Since then, I have not stressed about my children's disapproval of the food I have put in front of them.  Over time I learned when my children were simply trying to get their way and when they truly did not like the food.  I love variety in my meals, so we try new recipes often.  I allow my children to voice their opinion about the meal, take it into consideration, and decide whether to have that meal again another time.  Generally, majority opinion rules.

My 14 year old daughter and 11 year old son love pork chops.  I DO NOT care for pork of any cut or flavor, no matter the quantity & variety of condiments used to hide the flavor (I feel the same about seafood).  My children are two, I am one...majority rules.  In situations such as this, I won't make my children give up what they like because I don't like it.  Tonight, I fixed them cinnamon chipotle rubbed pork chops (I don't like this seasoning either), green beans, peas (another food they like & I do not), strawberries, and wheat bread.

They were happy campers! But don't take my word for it...let them tell you! 

The mess on the table was the result of a homework assignment, I swear!