Monday, November 15, 2010

10 Things About Me

I saw this sort of thing posted by a fellow blogger & lover of all things frugal! I liked the idea, so I'm borrowing it.

I'm sure you get a bit bored reading about my fitness journey, nutrition trials, and quest to squeeze more than $0.01 out of a penny. Ok, so maybe that's just me! Anyway, let's try this on.

Once a week, I will add one more item to this post & repost it. Ha, but wait! You thought you could just check back & read? No way!

At least once during the next 10 weeks, I want you to post a comment to this post. I want you to tell me 10 things you know about me that I did not already post. For those who know me, BE NICE & keep it PG!! For those who do not know me, post things you might have surmised (impressions) from what you have read. If you so choose, you may post one comment per week, too.


Are you sure you know what you're getting into???I'm not!!!


1) I am determined to make a positive impact on the world where obesity is concerned.
2) I am a survivor of cervical cancer.
3) I am an actress.
4) I speak my mind.  However, I do try to soften the blow.
5) Embarrassing: 2 years ago when I started my weight loss journey, I started with Slim in 6.  Part of the warm-up includes jumping jacks.  I worked out first thing in the morning.  Without fail, every morning, during jumping jacks, I would pass gas the entire time!  Not anymore, thank goodness!!
6) I really love to write!
7) John Grisham is my favorite author. The Script is my current fave band. Forest Green & dark Wine are my fave colors.
8) I would much rather watch a psychological thriller over a sappy "chick" flick any day! The Bourne Trilogy are my all time fave movies.
9) I became a mother at the age of 19.
10) I'm 33 years old but often guessed to be 25-26 (I don't bother to correct them).

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