Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fell Off the Wagon & Rolled Right Into a Mountain of Sugar!

Here's my big time confession!  I was about 80%-20% on my nutrition this week.  I had, yet again, bumped up my rest day to try to take the time I needed to get sufficient rest.  For about the last three months or so, I had been going 3-5 days straight of getting only an hour of sleep at a time.  I wouldn't get into a sound sleep until about 2-3 hours before I had to start my day.  When I did sleep, I was dreaming...not good dreams either...(I won't repeat because they were far too disturbing).  This meant I was never getting into the restful sleep...REM sleep.  By the 6th day, I would be so exhausted, I would sleep the day away.  I had been keeping up with my fitness pretty well, considering.  Last week, however, I hit my breaking point.

I hate taking pills of any kind.  I do take vitamins daily to help boost deficiencies caused by previous poor health...i.e. Vitamin E for breast health and calcium (due to aging) to prevent bone-loss.  Apart from this, I try to avoid narcotics or over-the-counter medicines of any kind, unless I am in dire straights...missing work and unable to adequately care for my kids.  Last week, I slept the day away on Thursday because I hadn't slept in 5 days.  Melatonin wasn't working anymore. Monday of this week I called my doctor to renew my Ambien Rx. 

Part of the reason I don't like taking Ambien is I have to be certain I have an 8-9 hour window in which to get sleep or I'm groggy and non-functional the next day.  This shouldn't be a bad thing, right?  Eight hours of sleep is necessary for optimal health.  This is something I'm learning to accept but struggling to put down whatever it is I'm doing and go to bed on time!  Nevertheless, it felt great to get a decent night's sleep and to be able to sleep through the night.

Wednesday of this week I was unable to get awake to function.  I missed work...yet again.  In addition to trying to correct my lack of sleep, I also started to cut out caffeine.  Sunday was the last time I had caffeine.  Wednesday was the dreaded Day 3 of withdrawals.  What comes with caffeine withdrawals?  Headaches!!  I nearly caved yesterday, the pain was so bad.  Fortunately, it wasn't migraine bad.  That is generally the reason I cave and have more caffeine.  I do have problems with migraines, so every headache I get makes me fear it will turn to a migraine.  However, I did not cave!  I made it through the day.

FAIL! house was hit with the processed sugar bomb!  I had mad cravings and gave into them.  Not to mention, my daughter and I ordered out for Chinese.  My day yesterday consisted of nothing but laying around eating Chinese food and sugar...and NO, I did NOT way I could with the headache I had!  I have officially missed two workout days of my schedule.

Will I quit all together and say I will start over next week?  Hell no! It is only two days and it is only one bad day of nutrition.  Will it set me back?  Yes, but only those number of days.  I'm back on track today and will resume my Insanity and Brazil Butt Lift workouts this evening, with renewed passion!

I don't believe in putting off tomorrow what can be done today.  No time like the present, right?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wanna see just how much weight gain/loss can effect the way you look?

Left: Double chin, short neck, fat cheeks - Right: No double chin, longer neck, & cheek bones
The left is my passport photo from about 5 years ago. The right is my new photo, taken just last month. I look like I was wearing a fat suit in the old one. I look at that pic and think back to my state of mind back then. I honestly had no idea I had gotten so big!
I am loving the new me!  I still have some sculpting to be done, but I have exceeded my weight loss goals. It is no longer about losing weight for me.  Rather, it is about building long, lean muscles to obtain the physique I want and about maintaining healthy nutrition and fitness.
I would love to help you do the same. Join me for a free online gym membership here. You can also email me anytime